Golang / Go Profile: Go Programmer

Go Programmer - Go, Docker, Linux, Python, PostgreSQL

Located in: 🇷🇺 Russian Federation › Moscow
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance

* Payment aggregator system:
* Technologies: Twisted, PostgreSQL, Redis, XMLRPC, SOAP
* Contribution:
* Base architecture development
* Daemons for communicating with external payment systems APIs
* Logging system fix for custom formats and unicode support
* Unittesting

* Podcasting site smotri.com:
* Technologies : Twisted, Gevent
* Contribution:
* Move almost all parts from twisted to gevent
* Write asynchronous connection pool for communication between system parts
* Geo targeting system with versions-support
* Some caching improvements

* Internet Cinema ivi.ru:
* Technologies: Gevent, Twisted, PostgreSQL, Sphinx, Redis, MongoDB, Flask, Golang, Docker
* Contribution:
* Distributed File Cache
* Improved storage system for fast computing files popularity
* Improved algorithms for internal caching file top.
* Improved message passing system (queue, expiring algorithm)
* With all improvements cache hit increased from 70% to 90%

* Mobile API
* Not so many: just refactoring(but it was really huge), writing commands and tests,
postresql queries, sphinx searches, just everyday programmer
* nosetests instead of abomination self-written test-runner
* code coverage tracking in jenkins
* requests library instead of httplib

* UGC Storage
* Architecture
* Unit-testing environment (fixture loading, clear database, etc.)
* Flask application loading
* Flask exception handling system
* Automatic serialize exceptions and mongoengine models
* statsd integration
* Sphinx doc system plugin for autogenerating documentation
* Mongoengine models for entities
* Some aggregation functions for Mongo Aggregation Framework
* Move mobile api and UGC to nginx+uwsgi

* Payments control system
* Golang
* Unittesting
* Logging
* Running in docker

* Yandex
* Distributed package manager for cluster

I have plenty experience in writing web apis and some experience in writing system software(docker).

What I look for
I'm looking only for only Go development maybe with little Python. May be C/C++, but I'm not very experienced with this.
I prefer warm climate :) But ready to consider all locations.

How to contact me
Mail me lk4d4math(at)gmail.com

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