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Go Developer at Zimpler

🇸🇪 Sweden › Gothenburg
  (Posted Apr 11 2024)

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Job description
Okay, so, here's the deal: our job at Zimpler is to build a fintech product that makes it really easy to pay and withdraw money online and to do that, we are looking for a new developer to join our team.

As a developer at Zimpler, you will have full ownership of the projects you are a part of. You will belong to a cross-functional team, where you will have a genuine impact on the team's decisions. Meaning that when there will be a challenge or an obstacle, you will be able to overcome it together with colleagues that have your back.
Sounds about right to you? Then check out the details below.

Why you might ask?

We've used a variety of programming languages to write our backend including Clojure and RoR, but as of now we use Go following a micro-service architecture, and it makes up around 95% of our codebase.

However, that is the situation today and we don’t know (yet) what tomorrow will look like: so knowing more programming languages would be amazing, and also being oriented in growing by learning new programming languages would be cool too.

Right now, we are focusing on Golang and new services will be written in Go for the time being. We use Typescript and React to write our frontend. All services run on AWS containerized with Docker and Kubernetes. The deployment chain is fully automated so you can focus on the fun stuff, no day-to-day maintenance and worries.

We are looking for a developer, so we trust you more than us when it comes to the tools that help you work at your best: so you are free to use any hardware, operating system and editor/IDE you are comfortable with.

We also know that software development takes time (a lot of time), thus:

No tight deadlines
No overtime
No working during the weekend

This is what you're good at:

You have an Ownership mentality: as a team, we come up with the specs, define the UI, write the code, ship it to production, monitor that it works and ensure that our customers are happy, so we get to see it from when it was just an idea in our minds to when it’s full grown-up and making people’s lives easier
You thrive working in small, truly agile teams, always ready to be on the Go
You are a bold problem solver and not afraid to create and own your solution

Please mention that you found the job at Golangprojects.com

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Company: Zimpler

job info / career page
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Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

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Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
go aws clojure docker fintech
golang kubernetes react ror typescript


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