Golang / Go Profile: Backend everything

Backend everything - Go, tests, pragmatic

Berlin, Germany
Looking for: Permanent - Can work remotely

Prefer backend systems; founded two companies; experience all over the stack including management.

I have 20 years of experience building nicely reliable systems. I've
founded two companies, and have worked on the whole tech stack and done
various management/founder roles, but I prefer the backend system domain.
I like the puzzle of finding a simple solution to the problem, and then
making that work, meanwhile learning from the mistakes.

I've worked with many systems and languages, both for serious project and
hobby stuff. That helps me a lot to pick the useful from the hype. The last
few years I've often found myself advocating for auxiliary systems (CI,
telemetry, backoffice improvements).

What I look for
Building solid projects in a grown-up team. Personal interests are journalism and renewable energy, so those would pique my interest.
Ideally >=80% remote, based in Europe.

How to contact me
harm at dds dot the-nl-toplevel-domain.

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Additional information

Github: alicebob
Location: Berlin, Germany

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