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Founder Founder - golang,python, node.js, angular.js, mysql
Hyderabad, India (Can work remotely)
i have developed enterprise projects and implemented them in go, python, django, mysql, mongodb. I have deployed them on cloud environments such as AWS, IBM Blue Mix and Google cloud. I have architected microservices based applications using Rest Webservices ...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Kubernetes, Docker, GCP, Postgres
Berlin, Germany (Can work remotely)
Main technologies I am currently using: Java, Go (Golang), Spring, MySQL, Postgres, Docker, Kubernetes, REST, gRPC, Grafana, GIT, Bitbucket, GCP, Let's Encrypt. - I am an experienced software engineer with experience in building complex systems in a variety of...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, RDBMS, gRPC, Node.js, Laravel
Algiers, Algeria (Can work remotely)
- Go, JavaScript, Typescript ,Python, PHP, Java, SQL, C#, Git - Testing, MVC, DDD - Laravel, Vue.js, React, Flutter - System and database and design - gRPC, REST - Familiar with docker, kubernetes and CI/CD - MSc in automation and control systems. With s...
Computer Engineering Graduate Computer Engineering Graduate - Golang, JavaScript, Node.js, MySQL,React-Native
Ankara, Turkey
Go, JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, React-Native, MongoDB, MySQL, C#, Java, Git - Graduating from Bilkent University in January 2020 with a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering. Had two summer internships: Dia Yazılım (TechStack: React-Native) and Siemens (Ankara Of...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Golang, RDBMS, Python, AWS, Pragmatism
Copenhagen, Denmark (Can work remotely)
I like to build systems. Experience from my own start-up has helped to hone my skills in designing architectures and abstractions that are both pragmatic w.r.t. implementation and scalable until well beyond "we have a few hundred users". - 29 year old Danish d...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Go, SQL, API, Architecture, Kaizen
Atlanta, Georgia, United States (Can work remotely)
Go MySQL/pgSQL Redis ElasticSearch Linux Web Frontend API Design Software Architecture Team Leadership - I've been building for the web for a long time. Go is such a wonderfully refreshing language for building distributed services. I love using the si...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Python, API design, Databases, Git
Warsaw, Poland (Can work remotely)
Golang, Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Celery, Pub/Sub, Kubernetes, GRPC, Git, Linux, Bash, macOS, Vim, Agile, TDD, DRY - I am a senior software engineer with over 13 years of web development experience. I have worked with Pyt...
Senior Software Developer Senior Software Developer - Golang, C#, REST, database, server
Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States (Can work remotely)
Golang 4 years, C# 15 years, all relational databases 20+ years, software design and development, project leadership and management. Written communication in English. I am particularly good at what I have never done before. - Mr. Knouse is a senior analyst, s...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Golang, REST API, Microservices, DevOps, FullStack Javascript
Yogyakarta, Indonesia (Can work remotely)
- Build a good and concise REST API. I'm using OpenAPI v3 (previously Swagger) for API documentation - Backend services with golang / nodejs with unit test and integration test - React + Typescript - Postgres (+Timescale), Mongo, Redis - Familiar with CI /...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Typescript, Java
Aracaju, Brazil, United States (Can work remotely)
DDD Tests Microservices Event Source design - builded a product that use microservice, queue and pub/sub design WOrked in a chat like product that use realtime chat and push notification...
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