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Golang / Go Profile: Fullstack web developer

Fullstack web developer - golang,nosql,sql,php,es6

Ipatinga, Brazil
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

2019 Full stack developer at Sistograf2019 (CURRENT) Technical Advisor at Fundação Renova
2018 Security backend developer at Secure Code Warrior (Go), Freelance
2018 PHP Laravel Full Stack developer at Inteligen
2018 Data analyst and biodiversity curator at SKYMarket
2018 Creator of webapp (Go, Vuejs)
2018 Update of Brazilian Flora 2020 API (PHP, swagger)
2017 IPTReport (work in progress new library to monitor IPT resources)
2017 New ETL harvesting process to feed SiBBr database (IPTs → SiBBr
2017 Data paper publication: Repatriation Data: More than two million species
occurrence records added to the Brazilian Biodiversity Information Facility
Repository (SiBBr)
2017 SiBBr Geo (proof of concept geocoordinates conversion app)
2016 Creator of package .INI for R.
2016 Creator of Matte, proxy API to publish data from Atta at IPT
2016 Creation and automation of ETL process to convert Brahms curated
occurrences to DwC (integration with Atta)
2016 Maintainer of Atta (repository for optional non-tabular data)
2016 Maintainer of new repatriation data process (GBIF → Brazil)
2016 Creator of Nephila (DwC-A → data paper)
2015 Creator of Mycena (wide → long spreadsheet conversion)
2015 Instructor at first course publishing sample-based data for LTER Brazil
2015 Pull request to enable sample-based data without occurrence data at IPT. Data analyst and biodiversity backend developer at Sistema de Informação
sobre a Biodiversidade Brasileira (SiBBr). Contract by United Nations
Development Programme (UNDP)
2015 Project manager at EUBON/INCT-CENBAM.
2014 Teacher of R programming language and sampling protocols at UFRR –
2013 Patch to support password input type at KVIrc chat software.
2013 Creator of package FI (Forest Inventory) for R.
2012 Freelancing at R and statistical problems.
2012 Patch fixing unexpected close of R GUI.
2012 Instructor of “How to Write Papers”
2012 Assistant Instructor at “Preparing data for statistical analysis” (INPA).
2009 Creator of gentoo package “garden” for Gentoo Linux.
2009 Patch fixing DCC resume at KVIrc.

Languages: Go, PHP, R, JavaScript (Node), Perl
Frameworks: Symfony, Laravel, Slim, Vue.js, goBuffalo
Databases: mySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, redis, mongodb
SCM: git, svn
Business Intelligence: ETL Pentaho
Cloud: AWS
Container: Docker
Linux: ubuntu, archlinux, gentoo

What I look for
I'm looking for a position where I'll develop mainly Go or PHP
Any place also I'm open to work remote

How to contact me
E-mail: dvdscripter at

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Additional information

My website
Github: dvdscripter
Location: Ipatinga, Brazil

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