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Software engineers and developers that loves to code Golang. Profiles with avatar/photo are listed first.

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Blockchain Consulting, Smart Contract development, ICO, EOS, and Ethereum Blockchain Consulting, Smart Contract development, ICO, EOS, and Ethereum - Golang, Python, Solidity, Hyperledger Fabric
Germany, Germany (Can work remotely)
Golang, Python, Solidity, AWS, Hyperledger, Docker, AWS, MongoDB, Java and C++ - Being a pioneer in a variety of blockchain and cryptocurrency based solutions; Scala Blockchain ( provides innovative solution and services pertaining to B...
Golang developer Golang developer - Golang, AWS, NodeJS, Python, C#
Vilnius, Lithuania (Can work remotely)
Technical skills: Go, NodeJs, Python, AWS, bash, C#, ReactJS, JQuery, SQL, NOSQL. Soft skills: Team player, quality oriented, approachable. - 4 years of experience in software development mostly in globally distributed teams. The first couple of years I w...
GoLang Developer GoLang Developer - GoLang, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, javaScript
Houston, Texas, United States (Can work remotely)
• Over 20 years of Web developer experience and 35 years overall programming experience. • Microsoft and Linux PC & Server fluent. IBM System 36 mainframe experience. • Languages: C#, PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, SQL, Go. • Sof...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - golang opengl linux docker
Melbourne, Florida, United States (Can work remotely)
· Hands-on Software Architect with over 15 years of pragmatic experience delivering working solutions. · Expert in both client and server development in mixed-technology environments (Go(golang)/C++/Java). · Productive in both small and large company envi...
Developer Developer - Golang, Vue.JS, API, Message Queue, Docker
Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of (Can work remotely)
API Development, Frontend Design and Develop with and vue.js, Microservice, clean architecture. - See at LinkedIn...
Senior Architect Senior Architect - Golang,Python,React,Angular,Java
India, India (Can work remotely)
Golang,Android,iOS,React Native,Flutter - We at SayOne constantly challenge ourselves to be on top of the latest technology trends. Our rapid embrace of change helps us stay ahead of the competition. This along with our futuristic, best-in-breed solutions make...
Backend senior developer Backend senior developer - Golang, PHP, Bash
Sabadell, Spain (Can work remotely)
Golang, PHP, DDD, TDD, Hexagonal Architecture, CQRS, Event Sourcing, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Docker, Linux, CI/CD. - Backend developer with more than ten years of experience. PHP programmer since 2003, specialized in symfony, with which I have wo...
Software Developer, System/Network Administrator Software Developer, System/Network Administrator - Go, WebAssembly, C (cgo), Linux, Bash
Sedona, Arizona, United States (Can work remotely)
Go is a very good programming language that has become my favorite. But it is still just a tool out of all of the languages, tools, and technologies that I already know how to use, or will learn in the future. On of my top skills is focusing is on getting t...
software engineer software engineer - Golang, Full-stack, Architect
Amsterdam, Netherlands
I am good at making software that is reliable, secure, fast, scalable, maintainable and therefore simple. I prefer to use Go in doing so. From initial requirements to building and keeping the software running. I learn new skills very quickly. - Software engin...
Medior Software Engineer Medior Software Engineer - Golang, Java, SQL, React.js, AngularJS
Novi Sad, Serbia (Can work remotely)
My skills revolve mostly around Web development in Golang and Java with relational database on the back-end, although I've worked with MongoDB as well, and JavaScript with React.js and AngularJS on the front-end, while I also use JQuery when needed. I also cod...
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