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DevOps / Full Stack Engineer DevOps / Full Stack Engineer - Golang Mobile Cloud jQuery Debian
Braine l Alleud, Belgium (Can work remotely)
Following technology evolution, working in DevOps mode on Rest infrastructure including an iOS app. Experience of management, senior executives and international environment (up to 14 staff, 3 MioUSD budget, member of the board of management, strategic plann...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, Rust, Docker, JavaScript, SQL
São Paulo, Brazil (Can work remotely)
I write mostly Go and Rust, but I also have experience with JavaScript, .NET and a little bit of Python; SQL databases (mainly MySQL and PostgreSQL); NoSQL databases (MongoDB); AWS infrastructure; automated tests; Docker; Redis; Jenkins. - I'm a Go developer ...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Go, Python, Android, Docker, Machine Learning
Alpen, Germany (Can work remotely)
Go, Python, Java, Android, Bash, R, JavaScript SQL (mySQL, postgres), React Docker, Heroku Google Cloud Platform (App Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL) Machine Learning/Deep Learning (Keras, Tensorflow) different kinds of Linux ... willing to learn new t...
Senior Backed Developer Senior Backed Developer - Golang, Docker, Backend, DevOps, Web, Machine Learning
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
Go, go frameworks/packages, dep, Swagger, Go Kit. Machine Learning, Image/Face Recognition, NLU Docker, Kubernetes. Git, hooks, Gitolite, GitLab, BitBucket API. Time-based storages. ClickHouse, KairosDB, HBase Mongo, ElasticSearch, Memcached, Sphinx. Lin...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Golang, ruby-on-rails, Python, Elasticsearch, Postgres
Kathmandu, Nepal (Can work remotely)
I am good at translating business logic into computer logic. For me, programming language is a tool, like a brush to an artist. I use them wisely and selectively as per need. I have an experience on managing the engineers for a given task/projects and my cowo...
Senior developer backend  & Software Engineer Senior developer backend & Software Engineer - Senior Developer in various languages like Php, C, Javascript and especially Golang
Brasil / Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais, Brazil (Can work remotely)
Languages: Golang, C, Javascript, PHP, Shell script, Python, Java Databases: Postgresql, Citusdata, Mysql, MongoDb, Redis, InfluxDB, DynamoDB Frameworks: Echo, Gin, Gorilla , Beego, Macaron, Mercurius,GoBuffalo Web server: Nginx, Apache, traefik, Caddy O...
Software Engineer & Informatics Intern Software Engineer & Informatics Intern - Java, Golang, SQL, C++, C
Athens, Greece (Can work remotely)
Competent in Java, C - Familiar with C++, Go, SQL Crafted software for Android, Arduino, Spring Boot - Toyed with Docker, ElasticSearch, NodeJS, Jenkins Extensively used IntelliJ, Git, Maven/Gradle, Linux, Photoshop Knowledgeable of Design Patterns, Testabl...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Go, microservices, data processing, SQL, NoSQL
Munich, Germany (Can work remotely)
Deep knowledge in Go (from assembly to microservices architectures). Hands on engineering experience in: - delivering high quality, thoroughly tested, version controlled, easy to extend code - event-driven, distributed, concurrent solutions - storage (MySQ...
Golang developer Golang developer - Golang, Distributed Systems, NoSql, Postgresql, Java
Poznań, Poland
I am good at team work. My major skills are java and go. I know postgres, cassandra, riak. I am interested in distributed systems. - I studied computer science at Computer Science department, Poznan University of Technology. I graduated it and I have bachelor ...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Go, Golang, Microservice Architecture, DevOps, PHP
Hamburg, Germany (Can work remotely)
Software Engineering Microservice Architecture DevOps Go golang Go Micro PHP Symfony Zend Framework Doctrine Docker MySQL MongoDB Elasticsearch Apache Solr beanstalkd RabbitMQ Linux Domain-Driven Design Test-Driven Development PHPUnit phpspe...
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