Golang / Go Profile: Security Analyst / Software Developer

Security Analyst / Software Developer - golang, security analysis, python, penetration testing, web security

Located in: 🇨🇦 Canada › Saskatoon
Looking for: Freelance - Can work remotely

Computer Security Research & Computer Security Tool Development (3 years)

Web Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment. Computer Security Auditing (2 years)

Database design & implementation (SQL) (3 years)

Web development (Golang, Javascript, PHP, Python, HTML/CSS) (3 years)

Object-oriented programming (Java, C#, PHP, Obj-C, Python) (3 years)

Agile Development Project Development Methodologies (2 years)

--Computer Security Research & Security Analyst Work--
Have started to build a set of skills relating to computer security research and security auditing assessments with reports for external clients as well as building tools to assist in the various computer vulnerability research and security analyst related work over the last 2 years.

Areas of focus have been hardware & software for Wireless protocol based attack vector research & writing security software primarily in Golang relating to ongoing security analyst work.
Experience with penetration testing assessments and reporting. Experience with the methodologies and techniques relating to penetration testing assessments & security auditing reports.

--Web development--
Experience in development of websites with focus on back end development using Javascript, Python, Golang. Experience with HTML/CSS in tying together back end functionality with the front end.

--Object-oriented programming--
Experience with use of Object-oriented development processes in Javascript & PHP, C# and Java from the creation of class diagrams through to defining classes and data structures to represent the classes implemented in code correctly with a focus on models of inheritance and polymorphism.

--Database design & implementation--
Experience with the design and implementation of relational databases using SQL and the creation of classes to interface the databases to desktop applications using Java or C# and websites using PHP or Python

--Agile methodologies--
Experience with test driven development and agile methodologies from the creation of user stories into task cards and the prioritization/time estimates of each story. Creation of use cases into UML & class diagrams and iterative project development life cycles with use of paired programming in a test driven development environment.

What I look for
I am looking for Golang development work with a focus around security research / analysis or web security auditing work.
Fully Remote or Saskatoon SK Canada

How to contact me
DM via twitter.com/bedrovelen Message via https://keybase.io/bedrovelsen Linked in

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