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Software Engineer Software Engineer - Go, microservices, data processing, SQL, NoSQL
Munich, Germany (Can work remotely)
Deep knowledge in Go (from assembly to microservices architectures). Hands on engineering experience in: - delivering high quality, thoroughly tested, version controlled, easy to extend code - event-driven, distributed, concurrent solutions - storage (MySQ...
Golang developer Golang developer - Golang, Distributed Systems, NoSql, Postgresql, Java
Poznań, Poland
I am good at team work. My major skills are java and go. I know postgres, cassandra, riak. I am interested in distributed systems. - I studied computer science at Computer Science department, Poznan University of Technology. I graduated it and I have bachelor ...
Senior Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer - Go, Golang, Microservice Architecture, DevOps, PHP
Hamburg, Germany (Can work remotely)
Software Engineering Microservice Architecture DevOps Go golang Go Micro PHP Symfony Zend Framework Doctrine Docker MySQL MongoDB Elasticsearch Apache Solr beanstalkd RabbitMQ Linux Domain-Driven Design Test-Driven Development PHPUnit phpspe...
Backend Go developer with strong background in statistics Backend Go developer with strong background in statistics - golang, statistics, gobuffalo
Brasília, Brazil (Can work remotely)
Languages: Go, PHP, ECMA, R Frameworks: Symfony, GoBuffalo Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis Other: jQuery, CSS, React - Self-taught Go programmer with three years of experience with government and international project. Background in ecology with provi...
I'm unemployed, that's why I I'm unemployed, that's why I - Golang, Desktop UI, Image Manipulation
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States (Can work remotely)
Go, Python, Java, Javascript, Scala, Clojure, C, Perl, Silver Graphics Programming, Evolutionary Computation (Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming, Estimation of Distribution Algorithms) Game Programming, Audio Programming Certified to work with Hippo CM...
Software Developer Software Developer - Go, Linux, Docker, AWS
Distrito Federal, Brazil (Can work remotely)
Go, Shell Scripting, Docker, PHP, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, AngularJS, AWS, JavaScript, MongoDB, PLpgSQL, Zend Framework 2, SQL, Git, FPA, OOP, TDD, Vim, REST, Open Source, Node.js, ML - I'm a software developer since 2009, open source enthusiast, enjoy wo...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, Linux, Api, Ruby, Databases
Chandigarh, India, India (Can work remotely)
More than 2 years experience in Golang. Good Experience in Databases like mysql, cassandra, couchbase, redis, mongodb. Experience of using GIT version controller. Good Expertise in logic building and analysing. Experience in web development with golang. H...
Junior Go dev Junior Go dev - Golang golang golang golang golang
Santa Cruz, California, United States
Well, I'm trying to get better at golang. - http://github.com/drmly/drmly...
Software Engineer Software Engineer - Golang, Python, Ansible,
Vancouver, Canada (Can work remotely)
python microservice + cloud infrastructure experience, golang for personal projects and open source work, experience working remotely across timezones - At the moment I work in distributed systems and cloud infrastructure, maintaining some services that manage...
Go Backend Engineer Go Backend Engineer - Golang, Docker, Microservice, RabbitMQ, Thrift
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
I mostly use Golang for build a apps, using Docker for deployment with microservices architecture, some service use database like Elasticsearch, Redis, MongoDB or SQL Family, Use Apache Thrift or RabbitMQ for communication between services and use MQTT for cha...
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