Golang / Go Profile: Software Engineer

Software Engineer - Goalng, Python, PHP, React, Postgres, Doctrine ORM, Symfony 2/3

Located in: 🇮🇳 India › Mumbai
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

MCA MGU 2016 71%
12th UP Board 2008 60%
10th UP Board 2006 55%

Goalng: Working from last 11 months with Golang to a project related doctors pharma guide, which is kind of data ware house to deliver multiple countries pharma information based on country and country available drugs and related allergies and molecules. This is based on GoLang micro services and using gRPC and protoc to exchange information between two different services. also having rest api's those are in development process.
Python: Also in last one year i had worked with Python Django and Flask framework as well as it was required to help python team so i also work to them for some time except my golang project
PHP: Working from last 5 Years
React: Project with my company, working on front-comonents
Postgres: Stared using with GoLang and enjoying the features but still have to do lot of things in practical and testing to better understanding,
Doctrine ORM: Working from last 3 Years continuously ,
Symfony 2/3: Worked with 2/3 from last 3.10 Years
Mysql & Maria DB: Using from last 5.5 years

What I look for
After working for almost 1 year with GoLang i don't feel interest with PHP projects so that trying to work more on GoLang , but in my current organization i don't think they start another project with go, because we tried lot to find more developers with go but in last one year didn't changed anything, so i am looking a dead end of my learned skills with go and i don't want to do that, i am looking for a position with GoLang specially.
Currently I am in Madrid for next one month , and after that i will be in India, but i am okay to work from any location. Here one thing to work outside India i need a valid work permit but if someone need me on remote location then also i am fine to work.

How to contact me
Room no: 724, P2 building Karvey Nagar KKanjurmarg East, Mumbai

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