Golang / Go Profile: Software Engineer

Software Engineer - Goalng, PHP, React, Postgres, Doctrine ORM, Symfony 2/3

Mumbai, United States
Looking for: Permanent / Freelance - Can work remotely

MCA MGU 2016 71%
12th UP Board 2008 60%
10th UP Board 2006 55%

Goalng: Working for my own project with micro services using postgres along with swagger format api on a core self designed architecture based upon several open source projects.
PHP: Working from last 5.6 Years
React: Using for own project and one project with my company,
Postgres: Stared using with GoLang and enjoying the features but still have to do lot of things in practical and testing to better understanding,
Doctrine ORM: Working from last 3 Years continuously ,
Symfony 2/3: Worked with 2/3 from last 3.10 Years
Mysql & Maria DB: Using from last 5.5 years

What I look for
After using several basic stuff of go and developing my own project based on micro service and api's are written using swagger i am in love with go to work more, but for that i need some project and team to work and explore more in GO, so that i am looking for a team with new energy and willing to give a chance to prove my knowledge in go and 5.6 years of experience of different software developments.
Currently I am in Madrid for next one month , and after that i will be in India, but i am okay to work from any location. Here one thing to work outside India i need a valid work permit but if someone need me on remote location then also i am fine to work.

How to contact me
Room no: 724, P2 building Karvey Nagar KKanjurmarg East, Mumbai

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