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Senior Software Engineer - Golang, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLALchemy, Redis, AWS
New York, New York, United States (Can work remotely)
Backend development, sql optimization - Backend experience in transportation, healthcare, and social chat app....
Senior Product Developer - GoLang, Python, MySql, Software Design, Data-Structures
Chennai, India (Can work remotely)
Experienced developer with full life cycle development of a product. Involved in all stages of software development from requirement gathering, architecture, design (code, DB), documentation, and implementation. Mostly worked on the backend. Worked on performa...
CTO, Full Stack Engineer - Golang, JS, Dart, Cloud, WebGL
Sarasota, Florida, United States (Can work remotely)
Distributed cloud systems design, Front end software WebGL, PC applications, Embedded systems, Robotics and real time motion control Electrical / Electronics AI / ML Computational Fluid Dynamics Optimization Graphics / UI design Marketing Software...
Backend Software Engineer - Golang, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, REST
Prague, Czech Republic (Can work remotely)
API design, OOP, Golang, PHP, MySQL, Sphinx, Postgres, Scraping - I have discovered Go year ago. Since then I have become obsessed with automation and distribution of systems mostly using Docker and CoreOS. I have spent nearly 10 years developing PHP applicat...
Software Engineer - Versatile, Creative, Quick, Resourceful, Friendly
Oslo, Norway (Can work remotely)
• Good communicator. Quick to learn new skills, languages, technologies. • Love to work closely with others (a good way to learn and share), but perfectly capable alone. • TDD and Scrum for 3 years -- they are very effective methodologies. • Machin...
Go and Python Developer - golang, docker, python, mongodb, git
Copenhagen, Denmark
Languages: Go, Python, Java, Haskell and Erlang. Platforms: AWS, Google App Engine, OSX and Linux. Frameworks: Django, Docker, WebApp and WebApp2. Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Google Cloud Store. Queues: RabbitMQ and ØMQ. Collaboration: GitHub,...
Junior Software Developer - Java, Golang, Linux, C, Fundamentals
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
I have very strong computer science fundamentals, can learn pretty much anything thrown at me, and enjoy any code involving math. I would say that I am good at communicating and presenting my ideas to various types of people. And I am a natural leader. - I ha...
Software Engineer - Golang, C/C++, REST, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
Oslo, Norway
C, Golang, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Informix-4GL, Informix database, PHP, C++, Java, Scrum, Git, SVN, REST, Linux development, Docker, KVM, performance profiling and optimisations - Working on enterprise software projects since 2010. Most recently working in con...
Software Engineer - Golang, backend, software architecture, microservices, concurrency.
London, United Kingdom (Can work remotely)
Golang, Java, C/C++, Bash, SOA, Rest, Software Architecture, AMQP, Chef, Jenkins, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, Git. - I'm an experienced Golang backend engineer with a background in low latency services. Most recently I've helped design and implement a Golang micros...
Unix Toolsmith - devops backend infrastructure tools automation
SF Bay Area, California, United States (Can work remotely)
Unix CLI and scripting Erlang, Ruby, Python, Java Junior at GO + Clojure - measuring probe to gather Memcache internal stats and plot pretty graphs. automate ETL to Hadoop, automate builds+packages. CLI tools to deploys on large cluster....
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