Golang / Go Job: Senior Software Engineer, Shipments

dbt Labs

Senior Software Engineer, Shipments at dbt Labs

Remote › 🇺🇸 100% remote position (in the US)
  (Posted Nov 17 2022)

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$154,000-$234,000 USD

Job description
dbt Labs was founded in 2016 to empower analysts to create and disseminate organizational knowledge. Since then, we’ve grown to become one of the leading brands in the analytics industry. Our product, dbt, is used by thousands of companies. dbt Labs is a remote-first, values-driven company with a globally distributed team. You can learn more about our values here.

This role is open to candidates based anywhere in the United States.

The Shipments team is continuing to grow and is looking for senior technical leadership to own configuration management within the cloud. We currently support integrations with data warehouses and Git providers. We are looking to add significantly more integrations without compromising on reliability and observability. This hire will have an opportunity to design and implement services that can withstand third-party service’s degraded performance. They will be partnering closely with stakeholders to understand the breadth of the ecosystem and find patterns with the usage of dbt Cloud. They will also be guiding mid-level to junior engineers to accomplish project-level goals and develop their careers.  

In this role, you can expect to:
You will be partnering closely with the open-source dbt ecosystem to build a platform to onboard next-generation third-party integrations and their features.
You will be working on highly available, highly reliable, and highly-secure components of some of the most-used product surface areas of dbt Cloud: CI product, customer-facing git, and warehouse integrations.
You will be exercising your breadth of skillset to influence the design of systems that rely heavily on third-party services.
You will be working primarily in Django, Typescript, Golang, Postgres, Message queues and Kubernetes.

Have 5+ years experience as a software engineer 
Minimum requirement of Bachelors degree in related field (computer science, computer engineering, etc.) OR
Completed enrollment in engineering related bootcamp

You are a good fit if you:
Are strong in backend skills: database design and API design.
Are a self-starter and can lead a group of engineers from inception to implementation of ideas.
Are detailed-oriented and can figure out patterns of requirements across different software systems.
Are not afraid of big problems and are able to break them down into smaller problems.
Have the experience of making tradeoffs to ship useful features today without sacrificing long-term quality.
Have the experience of interacting with end-users and deeply understanding their needs.
Have worked with a variety of programming languages, systems, and technologies, including Python, Typescript, Go, Postgres, Kubernetes, and AWS.

You'll have an edge if:
Have built platforms for third-party integrations.
Have experience building highly available, highly-reliable, and highly-secure systems.
Have designed generic APIs and events which have been consumed by other software teams.
Have experience working on a remote team.

Compensation and Benefits:
Salary: $154,000-$234,000
Equity Stake
Benefits: In the US, dbt Labs offers unlimited vacation (and yes we use it!), 401k w/3% guaranteed contribution, excellent healthcare, paid parental leave and a home office stipend. For employees outside the United States, dbt Labs offers a competitive benefits package.
Equity or comparable benefits may be offered depending on the legal limitations

What to expect in the hiring process:

An introductory call with a member of our People Ops team
A technical screen and meeting with our Engineering Managers
A panel interview including multiple members of the Engineering Team
A final interview with the CEO

Who we are
At dbt Labs, we have developed strong opinions on how companies should practice analytics.

Specifically, we believe that:
- Code, not graphical user interfaces, is the best abstraction to express complex analytic logic
- Data analysts should adopt similar practices and tools to software developers
- Critical analytics infrastructure should be controlled by its users as open source software
- Analytic code itself — not just analytics tools — will increasingly be open source

It turns out that a lot of other people believe this too! Today, there are 9,000 companies using dbt every week, 30,000 practitioners in the dbt Community Slack, and 1,800 companies paying for dbt Cloud. Our customers include JetBlue, Hubspot, Vodafone New Zealand, and Dunelm. dbt is synonymous with the practice of analytics engineering, defining an entire industry. We’re backed by top investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, and Altimeter. We recently raised our series D.

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Company: dbt Labs

dbt Labs
job info / career page
Linkedin profile
Github: dbt-labs
Location: 🇺🇸 US Remote, 100% Remote

Map of the USA

Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
aws django git go golang
kubernetes postgres python typescript


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