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Senior Golang Developer at PKT Pal

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  (Posted Oct 4 2022)

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80000 - 120000 USD

Job description
PKT Pal is hiring a Senior Golang Developer. PKT Pal is building a product to allow everyday people to own and operate their own pieces of internet infrastructure. Similar to how Airbnb lets you earn money from your unused room in your house and Uber allows you to make money from your under-used car in your driveway, PKT Pal has a suite of plug and play devices that lets normal people like you and me make money from the internet that we are paying for, and are only using a fraction of.

The Pkteers behind PKT Pal are all people who believe that the internet is a human right and want to get the next billion people online. We work together to fulfill this mission and we push each other to be the best versions of ourselves. We are not limited by our job titles or our status in the company, but rather are driven by the mission to change the world.

Job Overview
PKT Pal is a growing company seeking to hire a highly experienced Golang Developer. The role will do significant development on a large (628k LoC) open source codebase. The mission will be adding features, robustness, and performance while deleting boilerplate, overengineered, and duplicated code. If you love the feeling of deleting 20,000 lines of code without any important features lost, you’ll be in good company!

Job responsibilities
Main Responsibilities
Investigating transient bugs and performance issues on software running in the field by finding strategies to instrument the code
Adding new features and integrating code from other forks of the project
Isolating and replacing overengineered and unreliable modules
Developing new design patterns and meta-programming techniques to do more with less code
Management of the test harnesses and continuous integration strategy

Job Qualifications and Experience
5-10 years of experience in backend software development (C/C++, Rust, Golang, NodeJS, Python)
At least 1 year of experience working with Golang
Fluency with git and open source tools

Required qualifications
Functional Skills
Excellent English written and verbal communication skills
Attention to detail
Portfolio of work with examples that showcase technical skill
Strong analytical skills
Time management and organizational skills
Experience working with a remote team

Start-up company experience
Experience with NodeJS and/or C event based programming is a plus
Fluency in multiple programming languages
No code is better than no code

Additional information
Benefits of working with us:
Work from any location in the world
Competitive salary
Work for a tech first company where you’ll never find yourself explaining technology to an incompetant boss
Most of your work will be open source and you can show it proudly
Get to build new tech the world has yet to see
We might even have an impact on the course of history, at least we try

Professional skills
JavaScript Frameworks Bug tracking systems C programming Git/Github Java NoSQL databases

Soft skills
Time management Detail-oriented Ability to work under pressure Proactive

PKT Pal’s Company Overview:
If you’re reading this, we think you’re a good fit for our growing team! Welcome to pkt Pal! We’re glad to have you here.
We’ve been in business since January 2021. Our overriding goal is to create an ecosystem for the people by the people while monetizing unused internet bandwidth.

PKT Pal’s mission:
PKT Pal provides turnkey solutions for anyone to earn money from their unused internet. Our goal is to help individuals make passive income from a resource they are already paying for to build a network that brings the next billion people online. These next billion people are people who don’t currently have the internet or don’t have the means to pay high priced utility bills.

PKT Pal’s Culture:
PKT Pal is about helping people. Crypto is scary and confusing. PKT Pal seeks to remove the fear and to be a helping hand to walk people into the future of technology. It is about helping people who don’t have access to the internet we all take for granted and getting them connected. The internet is more than just social media and surfing the web. It holds the key to information, knowledge, and opportunity. It changes social economics. It provides education and ways to make money. By unlocking this resource for the less fortunate we can help change the world. This is what we stand for as a company and the foundation for how this company operates.

PKT Explained:
PKT is an open-source technology, which is not owned by any single person, company, or fund. It has no employees, venture funding, or entity. It is open source and given away to the world for free. The internet is a human right, and our goal is to give it back to the people without the need to ask permission from a Fortune 500 company or ISP to access it.

PKT is the first layer-1 blockchain related to bandwidth. A layer-1 blockchain is a blockchain that allows coins to be issued using the blockchain. An evolution of PKT called TokenStrike makes this possible, which allows companies or people to spin up new coin bases using the PKT blockchain with near-zero gas fees. “Gas” is the cost of a transaction that is usually paid to miners.

PKT is a fork of Bitcoin (which means it uses the code of the most secure blockchain around) and uses a new Proof of Work (PoW) called PacketCrypt. PacketCrypt is the algorithm that pays people for proving they have bandwidth available. The way this happens in two ways. The first is called “Announcement Mining” which has you upload uncompressible pieces of data called “announcements” to the network. This is the type of mining the PKT Pal products performs. This proves you have bandwidth since you need a connection to be able to upload things. The next is called “Block Mining” which can only be performed by a Mining Pool. There are several communities run pools, but PKT Pal owns the Pkteer Pool in conjunction with its partners.

PacketCrypt means, Packet (bandwidth) and Crypt (encryption). So bandwidth requires bandwidth and encryption requires CPU processing power. That is why the PKT Cubes have such a powerful processor, so that it can maximize the yields based on how much bandwidth is available for our customers.

The Big Goal:
PKT Pal will be rolling out a suite of products to help achieve the goal of getting the next billion people online. This begins with mining PKT, which pays people to become infrastructure providers for the network. No one is using your internet you are only proving you have internet. The next phase is VPN which will leverage the encryption that is being conducted in the PoW and will be an additional revenue source for the PKT Pal customers. Next will be WiFi-Sharing, which will be a third revenue stream. This will make use of the extra bandwidth and give people access to the encrypted internet in local communities. PKT Pal is developing the PKT Dish for this endeavor which will allow the internet to be shared a couple of miles, line of sight. By putting these units in every home, office building and hotel around the world we are building a global mesh network owned by the people for the people.

Our Customers:
Generally speaking, our customers are not crypto owners, technologists, or engineers. We are addressing the laymen tech enthusiasts. People who subscribe to Amazon Prime, own Apple products, and probably have never bought a cryptocurrency before. So, our messaging and interactions need to be simple, clear and approachable. We want people to feel they are part of a community and want to join the movement behind PKT. We provide customer service and a white-glove service for crypto mining from your internet. We don’t use words like “crypto” “blockchain” or “Proof of Work”. We stick with simple concepts and focus on the result, not the technological explanation of how things work. In our communications, we want to speak as if we are talking to a child. The easier this is to understand the more approachable it becomes.

Our team:
The Pkeers behind PKT Pal are all people who believe that the internet is a human right and want to positively impact a billion people. This is the new-aged billionaire. We work together to fulfil this mission and we push each other the be the best versions of ourselves on and off the clock. We are not limited by our job titles or our status in the company, but rather are driven by the mission to change the world in a positive way. We are not limited by our work hours, our time zones, or our geolocation. This is not a 9-5 type of company. This is a company where you take ownership in the tasks, messaging, and technology we are building together. We are resilient and stand for something as a company. Though there is hierarchy in approvals and leadership, we all stand on level ground to fulfil the company’s mission. This is more than just a job; this is a movement created by the people who choose to be here. We hope this is you.

Please mention that you found the job at Golangprojects.com

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Company: PKT Pal

job info / career page
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Location: 🌐 Worldwide, 100% Remote

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Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
golang bitcoin blockchain git java
javascript nodejs nosql python rust


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