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Data Engineer (Golang/SQL) at Knoetic

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  (Posted Jan 24 2022)

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About the company
Knoetic has a massively ambitious vision to guide every people & HR decision a company will ever make.
We call our product a “knowledge engine.” Half of it is a super powerful analytics/data platform (Knoetic). The other half is a social network of C-level executives (CPOHQ).
It seems crazy until you see the product in action. Here’s just a small sample of innovative companies that use Knoetic: Amobee, Snyk, Figma, Calm, Curology, Ro, and more.
We’re backed by Accel, the founders of public companies, thought leaders like NYT bestselling author Adam Grant, and dozens of leading Chief People Officers.

Do they allow remote work?
Remote work is possible, see the description below for more information.

Job description
We’re hiring a Data Engineer as we grow the team and execute on our ambitious product roadmap.

What you’ll do
Build and own a world-class data ecosystem. This includes everything from designing data flows and ELT pipelines, to architecting our core data models and schemas, to building services and interfaces that deliver data to our product.

Create enterprise-scale infrastructure that drives our business. We’re building software that relies on our ability to understand and manage people data at scale - across thousands of clients and hundreds of systems. You’ll create the foundation that powers massive product and business growth for the next 6 months to 10 years.
Have an outsized impact at a fast-growing startup. We’ve generated amazing traction and a product users love, but we’re still small - you’ll work in a cross-functional team and have an impact in many different areas of the business.
Drive our mission: empowering companies to make better decisions for their employees. We’ve already helped people leaders drive change in areas like compensation and pay parity, and workforce demographics. Our clients trust us with their most valuable and sensitive data; you’ll help make people data secure, fair, and simple.

What you’ve done
We believe in potential and drive over credentials. But you should have demonstrated excellence across the following domains:

4+ years experience building and running complex data systems. You’ve been responsible for building, deploying, and maintaining scalable backend systems across the data stack. Specifically, you’re an expert at one or more of the following (and proficient in the others):
Scripting languages (Golang preferred, NodeJS nice to have)
Experience with warehouse solution such as Snowflake or Redshift
Workflow scheduling (Argo/Airflow or similar)
Strong SQL knowledge and/or experience with DBT
Data modeling, schema design
Bonus: experience deploying your work on kubernetes.

Software engineering: You take pride in your profession and always want to get better. You consistently build highly performant, scalable, and fault-tolerant systems. You understand the craft of software engineering and you insist on technical excellence from yourself and teams around you.

Bonus: You’re an expert at optimizing and monitoring your software using Prometheus, creating insightful dashboards in Grafana and setting up alerts using Grafana or Alertmanager; to ensure the highest quality.

What will drive your success

Culture is hard to communicate in writing, but here are a few traits that will make you successful and engaged at Knoetic.

You love to learn and grow: Our founders are obsessed with investing in people and giving them the knowledge and resources to succeed. If you’re excited to “drink from a fire-hose” and passionate about professional growth, this is the place for you.
You’re a great communicator: You can explain abstract and complex concepts in clear, easy-to-understand language.
You do the right thing: You’re honest, principled, and focused on doing right for the customer and for your team.
You’re positive and upbeat! We pride ourselves on being optimistic, focusing on solutions over problems, and finding a way through any challenge.

Why Knoetic?
You’re incredibly ambitious and want to build the #1 company in this space, without exception.
You make excellent use of GIFs :)
The standard stuff: good salary and benefits (including fun perks for lifelong learners, like a $2,500 book budget!)
Knoetic's cultural values resonate deeply with you (see below)

Knoetic's cultural values
Intellectual curiosity: I want to surround myself with people who are endlessly curious, who are always asking questions, who are fascinated with understanding others and the world around them. We’re the kids who grew up always asking “Why?”
Intellectual humility: I want to work with people who embrace the scientific method, who go into conversations with an open mind and ear, who are looking for ways to sharpen their thinking, who are delighted to find out when they’re wrong rather than invested in defending why they’re right.
Relentless resourcefulness: Our company should be full of people who will run through walls to get to their goals, who will bring more solutions than problems to others, who will figure out a way to succeed no matter what.
Winning: We are ambitious, and we want to win. We don’t want a trophy for effort or for “good enough” - we want it for first place
Positive impact on others: There are people, who by the very virtue of their presence, make everyone else around them a better person. It could be because they have unwaveringly high standards. Or are incredible givers that inspire generosity. Or are teachers of their peers. However they do it, they push others upwards. They are culture accretive; their very presence makes everyone else step up their game.
Positivity. You know it when you see it - can-do, optimistic. That doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t have down moments - it just means on balance, you walk away from your interactions with them energized and charged up to do more with your life.
Continuous improvement: We’re always making ourselves better. Stasis is the enemy… if you’re not going forwards, you’re going backwards. Everything is a work-in-progress in perpetuity - yourself included.

Please mention that you found the job at Golangprojects.com

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Company: Knoetic

job info / career page
Linkedin profile
Location: NYC, New York, United States

map of company location

Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
golang sql go kubernetes nodejs


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