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Sustainable Engineering Lab

Software Engineer at Sustainable Engineering Lab

New York City, New York, United States   (Posted Apr 20 2014)
About the company
The Sustainable Engineering Lab at The Earth Institute, Columbia University uses engineering to help address development issues. We engineer software solutions to help make development planning smarter and to improve the delivery of critical services like health and energy in the developing world.

Job position

Job description
Join us at the Sustainable Engineering Lab at the Earth Institute in Columbia University.

We build software to make development process smarter and to bring new services (health and energy) to people that need them most (primary focus on Africa, India and Haiti). We work directly with governments, non-profit organizations, and other institutions in the developing world, and help solve real-world problems with software. The problems we tackle are often related to data and data flow; the tools we build incorporate geospatial planning, open-data webservices, operational optimization algorithms, mobile phone-based data collection, data dashboards, and the like. We are primarily a Python and Javascript shop but looking for people with a passion for software engineering above all.

You will get to work with a dynamic team in New York, and travel to field sites in Africa, Haiti and India to develop and implement solutions with clients on the ground. This is critical to our process as we do agile development heavily based on iterative user feedback.

If you're the right person for the team, that matters more than even the position we are hiring for at the moment.

Skills & requirements
What you will do:

Work with exciting projects in the developing world (example domains: mobile data collection, electricity planning, smart solar mini-grids, rural healthcare).
Design, create, and improve open source software to solve hard problems in the developing world.
Joining a like-minded peer group of hackers working in python, R, go, mongodb, nodejs, and other interesting technologies, focused on making the world suck less.
Travel to developing world settings, and work directly in the environments your software is deployed in.

There are no sales/MBA types, no scrum masters, and we strongly disapprove of code written in Enterprise FizzBuzz style. You will work with great software engineers and data scientists, as well as experts who have been working in International Development contexts for many years.

Instructions how to apply
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Company: Sustainable Engineering Lab

Sustainable Engineering Lab
Location: New York City, New York, United States

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