Golang / Go Job: Senior Platform Engineer

Code Climate

Senior Platform Engineer at Code Climate

New York, New York, United States ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ   (Posted Apr 11 2014)
About the company
Actionable software metrics to ship quality Ruby and JavaScript code. Code Climate consolidates the results from a suite of static analysis tools into a single, real-time report, giving your team the information it needs to identify hotspots, evaluate new approaches, and improve code quality.

Job position

Job description
We are analyzing over 20,000 repositories each day, and we want to grow this significantly. We're also expanding into other languages like PHP, CoffeeScript and Python.

We need to do all that while continuing to have some of the most precise, accurate, reliable and fast static analysis available. This requires a really strong core static analysis platform which we don't have yet.

Some examples of the types of problems you'll be solving:

Improving our processes for provisioning servers and deploying code with Docker

Efficiently allocating resources to maximize throughput and stability of heterogenous workloads across our datacenter (think Apache Mesos)

Ensuring reliability with automated quality assurance systems (If we mess up an analysis wrong, even once, it can be a bad experience for our customers.)

Designing clean, modular ways to add new analyses easily

Customizing our analysis systems, like supporting different parsers, or allowing users to tune things to their liking

Optimizing the performance of our static analysis (perhaps with Go)

Monitoring of all of the above in a scalable way (We don't have any ops people, so we depend on automation.)

Benefits & perks

Company performance-based bonuses

When the company does well, we all win.

An awesome vacation and travel policy

We want you to get away and have fun just as much as we do.

Flexible work from home policy

Some tasks are just done better in your nice comfy chair.

Attend your favorite conferences

We're all about learning and being part of the community.

Health insurance, dental, vision

Code Climate pays the full premiums for every full-time employee.

Skills & requirements
We are looking for someone who is awesome because:

You are an excellent writer and communicator.

You have deep software engineering experience and are comfortable writing code in Ruby.

You are passionate about uptime and reliability.

You love helping other developers work more effectively and have Open Source contributions that show it.

You have are able to take responsibility for projects end-to-end from idea to completion (and measurement!) without oversight.

Other people at the companies you worked for wanted you on their projects.

Instructions how to apply
see the job website
[ job website ]

Let them know you found the job via https://www.golangprojects.com
(Companies love to know what recruiting strategies that works)

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