Golang / Go Job: Senior Go stack developer

Koi Consulting

Senior Go stack developer at Koi Consulting

Remote β€Ί Worldwide, 100% remote position
  (Posted Oct 20 2020)

About the company
We're a boutique consulting shop with extremely talented and interesting individuals.

C2C - competitive.

Job description
We're looking for a REAL senior developer. Someone with 4+ Years of development experience in Golang working with Web / RESTful environments.
You should understand complicated data models and working in a container (Docker) environment.

Nice to haves, but not required:


You will be working remote with a distributed team and required to attend meetings on a daily basis.

The interview process is simple:

Video Technical Interview and you're allowed to have notes during the interview.

The Project:

Extremely High Profile project working in the New Media sector. Telecommunications / Infrastructure experience would be extremely helpful from a conceptual standpoint. Your code should be security oriented, efficient, and portable. Documentation of your code (beyond just comments inline is important). You should be able to speak, read, and write english fluently.

This is not a job for 9-5'ers, but it is challenging and interesting. You will be working with your peers in a fully-collaborative environment.

You should be a team player and good communicator .

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Company: Koi Consulting

Koi Consulting
Location: Worldwide, 100% Remote

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Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
go docker golang graphql kubernetes mysql node python
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