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CTO - Golang Engineer at ethical.id

Worldwide, 100% remote position   (Posted Sep 17 2019)

About the company
ethical.id is a young company focused on creating technology for ethical companies.

60k USD

Job description
Veganbase is a remote-only company, we built a marketplace/CMS for the fast-growing ethical industry. The marketplace is actually a smart database of linked items where brands manage their supply chain. Such a project is only possible because we focus on a niche (but growing) industry.
Our backend is in GO, hosted with GCP (we received 20k from Google), we use the standard tech, Kubernetes, Docker, Postgres and are moving our API to GraphQL.
Our front-end is Vue.js and Flutter and just uses the API. Our API is open and other companies are starting using it.
We already have some contracts that generate monthly revenue and can say we are profitable. We are fully transparent on our finances and operations. Not your traditional company.
Our existing codebase is well documented and with tests written.
Ideally, you have experience working in small startups, but what matters for us is your ability to communicate well and work in a team. We are open to hiring a junior as long as it has the right attitude.

Skills & requirements
Golang, services architecture, GCP, Kubernetes. Great communication and social skills

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Company: ethical.id

Location: Worldwide, 100% Remote

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