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Distinguished Engineer - Go, Linux, Leadership, Scaling, High-throughput Systems

Located in: 🇺🇸 United States › Minnesota › Near La Crosse, WI
Looking for: Permanent - Can work remotely

I've been programming in Go full-time since v0.8! I started out as a UNIX administrator at a IT consulting firm and moved into the role of data-center architect focusing on compute, virtualization and storage. I left this role to be full-time Go developer at the FEO CDN startup Torbit. Torbit was acquired by WalmartLabs where I currently work. A little about my current role: I am a Distinguished Engineer (which at WalmartLabs is the technical title that is equivalent to a Director of software engineering, I was a staff and then principle engineer previously). I currently work remote and lead a fully-distributed team (15 engineers) that write and operate a home-grown international anycast CDN, both DNS-based (GSLB) and inline layer 4 (TCP) and layer 7 (HTTP/S) load balancers, as well as a frontend optimizing proxy (FEO) that has many other functions such as asset verification/fingerprinting, client fingerprinting, cluster distributed caching and "AWS lamba-like" function-as-a-service/edge compute supporting Lua and Go. I am also the architectural lead to my directors larger team of 38 and act as director of our unit in his absence.

I'm currently good at leading and mentoring teams of systems software engineers to built things like CDNs, complication proxies and middle-ware, storage systems, database engines and distributed computing frameworks. I love to built systems that scale and solve scaling challenges faced by organizations. I pride myself as being able to work as a SRE with full-stack understanding. As I have moved into a leadership role I have gained a lot of satisfaction from helping teams align technical roadmaps and implement best practices such as peer code review, CI/CD and containerization.

What I look for
I am interested in senior architecture, and technical leadership (Distinguished Engineer, Director, VP) roles within an organization and am looking for proven technical leaders that can help me grow and a engineer, leader and driver of business success.
Ideally I would like to work remotely (I have worked remote for the past 6 years!); however, I am understand the need for a cadence of regular on-site meetups. The frequency of on-site visits I am agreeable to depends on the nature of the travel involved varying from once every 2 months to 2 days ever 2 weeks. I would consider working part remote-part onsite for roles in my more local area such as in Minneapolis, MN or Madison, WI. I would be willing to work on-site in the area surrounding La Crosse, WI. All negotiable :)

How to contact me
Please send me a message via linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tylorarndt/

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Location: near La Crosse, WI, Minnesota, United States

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