Golang / Go Job: [golang] write google app engine Admission system

[golang] write google app engine Admission system at Say inc

riydah, Saudi Arabia   (Posted Jan 21 2016)

Job position
Project based - Remote work possible

Job description
A write Admission system for schools manger can add, edit schools and user can choose an available school and register on it and schools can view accepted students from admin etc..

Key requirements :
-Fully responsive [html]
-Multi language (can translate to more than one language by admin input)
-Have endpoint apis or interface to communicate with mobile apps
-Using datastore
-Using datastore chasing
-Using golang
-Using latest technologies like less html5 css3 etc

*Recommended to have previous golang app engine projects

There is a full specification pdf I will sent after apply, but it not outside the main goal [online admission system]

Skills & requirements
golang,web development,css3,html5,google app engine

Instructions how to apply
any freelancing website
[ job website ]

Let them know you found the job via http://www.golangprojects.com
(Companies love to know what recruiting strategies that works)

Company: Say inc

Say inc
Location: riydah, Saudi Arabia

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