Golang / Go Job: Full Stack Developer


Full Stack Developer at Neoway

Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil 🇧🇷   (Posted Jul 31 2015)
About the company
We specialize on creating solutions that helps our clients open new business opportunities. We do that by providing information that can leverage our clients sales and helping them prevent frauds.

Job position

Job description
We have a huge system constantly crawling the web and scraping useful data about companies and people. We use this data to help our clients to find new markets and grown their business. We also help our clients with an awesome fraud detection system, improving our clients profit by reducing their loss with frauds.

To make all this happen we need a huge set of problems to solve:

- Web crawling

- Good proxy solution

- Breaking captchas

- Clean data

- Aggregate and correlate data

- Create predictions based on historical data

- Provides all this data as services to a huge ecosystem of applications

All this has to be done on a huge scale of more than 30 millions companies being processed constantly. Want some of this challenges and a team of great people to work on them with you ? Lets talk :-) We want someone with experience developing distributed systems.

We need a problem solving mindset, end to end, nothing is “not your problem”. You will have complete freedom to solve the problems, but with that freedom will come great responsibility. Besides solving the problems we enjoy sustainable software development, you should embrace the idea that the responsibility of assuring quality and testing the software is yours.

We value our culture, and a great part of it is that there is no silver bullet, so we don't care about which is your favorite language if at least is not only one. Our culture is of learning and collaboration, so if you don't like to learn everyday or is not a team player stop reading this and forget about us.

Besides a team player we need someone who will help coach people and give architectural insights on the whole system (we said that the challenge was pretty big, remember ? :-) ) If you want to challenge yourself to be the very best you can, contact us, we have the challenge for you.

Skills & requirements

- Message Brokers (RabbitMQ, NSQ, Kafka, etc)

- Python

- Go

- Docker


- Continuous Delivery

- Web Crawling (Scrapy)

- Image Processing (OCR)

- Neural Networks

Instructions how to apply
Send your CV to tiago.katcipis@neoway.com.br
[ job website ]

Let them know you found the job via https://www.golangprojects.com
(Companies love to know recruiting strategies that work)

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