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Command Line Interface Developer at Heroku

San Francisco, California, United States   (Posted May 29 2014)
About the company
Heroku is a thriving start-up owned by Salesforce.com, based in SOMA, San Francisco. Our work environment is fun and flexible while also ruthlessly focused on technical excellence and customer success. Our growing group offers lots of opportunities for hyper talented, self- motivated, no-drama and no-nonsense individuals who share our belief that cloud architectures are dramatically changing web application development and deployment, and want to be part of the vanguard of this movement.

Job position
Permanent - Remote work possible

Job description
The Heroku UI Engineering team is dedicated to beautiful, usable, and valuable interfaces. We’re highly collaborative, make decisions in minutes, and ship features in hours. We believe in getting customer validation early, verifying with real data, but also running with our gut. The team works closely with UI/UX design and product management, but everyone on the team is responsible for the success of our products, including that we’re building the right thing in the first place, and that it’s polished and beautiful when it’s done.
We're seeking a developer with a passion for command line UI/UX that can own the Heroku Toolbelt, written in Ruby, as well as develop it's replacements, hk and forego, written in Go. Bonus points if you're also capable as a Web Developer on Ruby on Rails and Ember/Node.js apps.

Ideally you are working in our offices in San Francisco, US, or Vancouver, CA. We can also consider exceptional remote candidates in US-Pacific-friendly timezones (with a consistent work-hour overlap of at least five hours).

Skills & requirements
You should be passionate about:
Developer experience and goal-directed design
CLI best practices (e.g. option parsing, auto-completing, OS compatibility)
Style, presentation, and design
You should be very strong on all of the following:
CLI design
Ability to own projects end-to-end
Bonus skills:
Experience consuming APIs, client-side caching, HTTP pipelines, etc.
Other languages/frameworks (e.g. Rails, Javascript, Node.js)
Client-side MVC (e.g. Ember)
API design
Performance optimization, SQL tuning, caching strategies
Amazon Web Services (AWS e.g. S3, EC2)
Having founded your own startup

Instructions how to apply
Please apply using the job website (http://heroku.theresumator.com/apply/dEvyyL/Command-Line-Interface-Developer.html)
[ job website ]

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Company: Heroku

Location: San Francisco, California, United States

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