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Senior Developer at BitX

Cape Town, South Africa   (Posted May 12 2014)
About the company
Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are rapidly changing the financial landscape, and the BitX team is at the forefront of this global revolution. We are building the world’s largest crypto-currency distribution platform, bringing Bitcoin to all the corners of the earth. We provide wallets for people to securely store their Bitcoin, exchanges for people to buy and sell Bitcoin, and merchant integration so that businesses can accept Bitcoin. We have a global reach but believe in staying close to our customers by providing localized products and services. We have a culture that focuses on giving our customers a great user experience, prioritizing compliance and security, and always being creative in our ability to bring new features and services to market.

Job position

Job description

As a Software Engineer at BitX, you will work on solving many complicated and interesting problems
Write server-side code for web applications
Write backend infrastructure code for transaction processing, order matching engines, analytics, etc
Work on diverse set of projects including web frontends, internal systems, trading, APIs, security, mobile apps
Write impactful code that directly affects users, the company and the Bitcoin ecosystem


Working for BitX has a number of great benefits including flexible working times and locations, employee equity, global experience and the autonomy to conceive and execute your own projects. Our team would say the biggest benefit of all is working with a bunch of bright, ambitious and interesting people on an idea that will change the world.

Skills & requirements

BSc/MSc/PhD in computer science or other technical discipline, or equivalent working experience
A solid foundation in computer science in areas such as algorithms, data structures, distributed computing, software design
Extensive programming experience in languages such as Go, Ruby and JavaScript
Knowledge of technologies like SQL, Ajax, HTML, networking
A passion for cryptography, security and Bitcoin

Instructions how to apply
see the job website
[ job website ]

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Company: BitX

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

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