Golang / Go Job: Senior Backend Developer


Senior Backend Developer at MetaEngine

Remote β€Ί 🌐 Worldwide, 100% remote position
  (Posted Mar 6 2023)

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Job description
A bit about us:

Games, Metaverse, Virtual World - Whatever you call the experience, we believe these new worlds will be shaped by technology that extends a hand to creators, helping them learn, partner up and build a more exciting future, together.

At MetaENGINE, our mission is to give creators the tools to express themselves and collaborate to educate and entertain the world. We will provide the tech, tools and integrated workflows for them to build faster and more collaboratively than any engine on the market today. Our community will meet the core needs of creators, helping to showcase their work and generate new opportunities for everyone.

We are a global team working 100% remotely together and are approaching an exciting phase in the business as we expand. We are looking for exceptional talent regardless of geographical location with the aim of building a world-class team to support our current and future ventures.

Job Description:

We are looking for a talented Senior Backend Software Developer to join our team who will play an important role in building high-quality software across our products and offerings at MetaEngine.

As a startup, our team oversees all aspects of development from design, coding, and testing, all the way to continuous integration and deployment. Our ideal candidate has experience in all phases of development and know-how to build innovative solutions from ideation to deployment.

The Senior Backend Software Developer will:

Contribute as one of the backend developers on the engineering team; performing backend software development and integrating APIs.
Collaborate with other front-end, mobile, and backend developers to build high quality products and applications.
Ensure the quality of newly developed code via best practices like unit testing and proper design patterns.
Collaborate with other team members on the technical aspects including technical stack, code reviews, choice of solutions, software development processes, etc.
Participate actively in writing of the technical documentation of the code and systems developed.
Mentor other engineering team members and support growth within the organization.
Communicate on a regular basis with the team (using weekly reporting and scrum methodology) to follow status and progress.


Ideal candidate for the role has:

7+ years of experience with NodeJS and Node frameworks.
Strong experience with TypeScript.
Experience with Springboot, Java and/or Golang is a major plus.
Experience with using and integrating backend, third-party APIs and/or developing internal backend APIs from the ground up.
Experience with SQL and DB Technologies Experience such as Postgres, MongoDB, Redis and/or etc.
Have strong understanding of service-oriented architecture and familiarity with microservices architecture.
Have experience with public cloud design and technologies like AWS, Azure or GCE.
Great autonomy and is collaborative and proactive.
Ability to handle periodic on-call duty as well as out-of-band requests.
Be able to support a fully-distributed, global and remote team across multiple time zones.

Our Core Values:

We have a diverse team working together and contributing to our success who embody our core values:



We really value our team, here are some of our benefits:

100% Remote working anywhere in the world!
Home office set up allowance
Generous holiday allowance plus bank holidays
Annual budget for both work related and personal interest related training
Monthly wellness allowance
Health Insurance
Pension scheme with employer contributions

Please mention that you found the job at Golangprojects.com

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Company: MetaEngine

job info / career page
Linkedin profile
Location: 🌐 Worldwide, 100% Remote

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Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
aws azure golang java microservices
mongodb node nodejs postgres redis
sql typescript

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