Golang / Go Job: Senior Golang & Cosmos SDK dev

Quasar Labs

Senior Golang & Cosmos SDK dev at Quasar Labs

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$60000 - $150000 USD

Job description
About Quasar:
At Quasar, we are committed to make everybody globally to be able to directly profit from the certain growth of the DeFi Space - for that to be achievable, we need to create the easiest, simplest, and safest DeFi user experience, ever. We are connecting professional strategists with global capital. If this mission excites you, we'd love to hear from you.

Job specification:
This is a very hands-on role, as Senior Golang & Cosmos SDK developer you will be reporting directly to the CTO, and you will be responsible for taking part in the software architecture, development, and maintenance of a new Cosmos SDK & Tendermint based blockchain. We are a fully remote company.

- Brainstorm and develop new features taking into account both, user experience and implementation details.
- Perform code reviews.
- Write high quality and well tested Golang code, following the latest design and development patterns.
- Ensure that the project and engineering duties are fulfilled, being responsible for solving any engineering issue that comes up in a project.
- Lead the development and guarantee quality products are shipped consistently according to the company roadmap.
- Provide support to the development team: answer technical questions, propose different approaches to solve technical problems and train new employees.
- Lead and participate in audit sessions (and create remediation documents) and follow Agile-like processes.
- Document the requirements, architecture, and proposed design to deliver the software solution.
- Explore Cosmos SDK projects and other projects to be built.
- Constantly improve yourself by keeping up to date with the latest technologies trends.

Required Skills:
- A deep understanding of building performant, scalable microservices.
- Strong computer science fundamentals including network, storage, OS, data structures, transpilers /compilers, etc.
- 4 + years Hands-on expertise in blockchain architecture, design, development, and maintenance.
- 3 + years of experience writing Golang with a good understanding of best practices, its concurrency primitives, go/* packages, and reflection.
- Experience in creating microservices, working with tools like Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, Terraform.
- 2+ years of professional experience with Cosmos SDK and good understanding and working knowledge of Tendermint.
- Interest in topics such as proof-of-stake, consensus algorithms, cryptography, etc.
- Contribution to open-source projects.
- At least one production-ready blockchain project.
- Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, Engineering, Mathematics or Statistics will be nice to have.
- Ability to write maintainable, extensible, and test-driven code base.
- Good understanding of EVMs will be nice to have.
- Excellent communication skills.

Please mention that you found the job at Golangprojects.com

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Company: Quasar Labs

Quasar Labs
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Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
golang ansible blockchain docker go
kubernetes microservices terraform

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