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ONVU Technologies

Embedded Golang Developers at ONVU Technologies

🇬🇧 United Kingdom â€º London
  (Posted Sep 8 2022)

Do they allow remote work?
Remote work is possible, see the description below for more information.

Job description
ONVU Technologies is a privately held Swiss group, operating out of bases around the globe including UK, US, India, and Turkey. Through annual investment in R&D, talent acquisition and strategic partnerships we go to market via our three business units Oncam, ONVU Retail & ONVU Learning focussed on smart video, IoT and cloud applications for Security, Retail and Education.  
We believe in developing Empathy led technology to answer genuine challenges in the vertical markets we address by enabling users to leverage the technology in a way that solves their problems. Whether that is creating business intelligence insights for retail via video, providing a safer environment in an airport or helping teachers create better student outcomes by leveraging IoT devices in the classroom via cloud connectivity for insight and CPD. 

Role Overview
ONVU Technologies is excited to be expanding our team with talented Senior Engineers with experience developing full stack applications. We are now looking for Embedded Golang Developers who can work remotely from the UK!

Our Technology
ONVU Technology create cloud-connected 360° camera products. On our camera device we use an embedded version of Linux or Android running our Golang services. In the cloud we use AWS IoT Core and Serverless using predominately NodeJS.

Our C-Series camera firmware is based on the Android OS with Golang/C++ services that run at the HAL layer. The C-Series is a network IP camera conforming to ONVIF specifications capable of RTSP streaming with a web interface written in Angular.

This position will have the opportunity to work across our products developing our components on the camera and our gateway hardware. Applicants should be experienced in many of the technologies that we use but can demonstrate an expertise in one or more of them. They will be expected to apply their ability to design and knowledge of best practices in the projects that they work on.

The successful candidate will join a highly skilled experienced development team within a culture of empowerment and collective responsibility for product success.

• Solve problems and develop solutions for the ONVU platform.
• Work with other team members across disciplines to create software in an agile environment
• Take ownership of the implementation of the projects and tasks assigned to you. Be a specialist in one or more of the technologies that we use.
• Design and implement features in a re-usable and maintainable way to reduce technical debt
• Create well-structured, organised and coherent API’s
• Develop unit, component, integration and system tests as part of the implementation of development tasks.
• Create and describe development tasks that allow others to complete and succeed
• Write technical design documentation which can easily be understood, reviewed, implemented, and tested by other members of the team.
• Investigate and analyse root causes of technical issues and performance bottlenecks to pinpoint problem areas in the system
• Make a positive impact on the wider Engineering team beyond your sprint team
• Follow team processes and strives to continually improve them
• Mentor others to encourage participation and contribute towards their career development.
• You will be required to carry out additional duties or responsibilities, which fall reasonably within the remit of the role.

Essential Requirements
• BSc. /BA. degree in Engineering, Science, Mathematics or equivalent technical certification or relevant open source development experience
• 3+ years open source or commercial experience developing in either Golang
• Development of APIs over HTTP(S), WebSocket
• Automated testing experience – unit testing or acceptance tests.
• Linux development experience - SSH, networking, system, filesystems, cron, etc
• Knowledge of security concepts and technologies Experience with source code control – we use Git version control, branching strategies, Gitflow process
• Proven ability to resolve technical issues across a complex codebase of proprietary and 3rd party software

Desirable Requirements
• Experience working in an agile development environment
• Experience of Android’s HAL3 layer to capture video stream
• Knowledge of IP cameras
• Knowledge of OpenGL and experience working on GPU
• Knowledge of WebRTC and RTSP Streaming over UDP, TCP.HTTP and HTTPS based on H.264, H.265, VP8 and MJPEG video encoder
• Experience of database technologies – including key-value (Redis) databases.

Interview Process
We typically follow the following interview process:
1. Line Manager (video, up to 60 minutes)
2. Code Exercise (offline) - We will describe a problem that is representative of the work that this role requires. This is your opportunity to highlight your creativity and problem-solving skills.
3. Technical Panel Interview (video) - You will be asked to explain and answer questions on your code exercise. The panel will include your managers and team members. This is an opportunity for you to understand our technology and working culture and for us to assess your technical skills.
4. Final stage with Line Manager and Director of Engineering


Company: ONVU Technologies

ONVU Technologies
Linkedin profile
Location: London, United Kingdom

map of company location

Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
golang android angular aws git
go linux nodejs r redis


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