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Product Engineer at incident.io

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  (Posted Jun 21 2022)

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Job description
We’re assembling a fantastic team of experienced, product-minded engineers - our early team is made up of people who have spent years writing reliable and scalable software at scale for companies like Monzo, GoCardless, Ravelin and MOO.

We’re building a product to help organisations respond confidently and quickly under intense pressure, which sets the bar incredibly high for both the quality of our product, and the systems that power it. The level of trust our customers have in us is huge, and we move mountains behind the scenes to make sure our systems are robust and reliable, whilst abstracting away complexity to provide a delightful user experience.

As an early Product Engineer, this is a unique opportunity to help shape the product and the way we build it. We’ve laid some good foundations, but we’re still very early in our journey, have a tonne of things we want to build and a lot to learn along the way!

What you will be doing:
Shipping fast: we know laying solid foundations is important, and we spend time on doing this well where decisions will have a lasting impact. However, we also believe that the primary risk for us is building the wrong thing, rather than building the thing wrong. We prefer to ship things at “70% done” so we can learn fast.
Keeping things simple: we believe strongly in using a few proven technologies we understand deeply, and we adopt new technologies sparingly, when we think there’s a tangible benefit for customers, or our team. We also buy existing software when we can, rather than building it ourselves.
Investing heavily in the developer experience: whether it’s metrics, logging, tracing and error tracking, or development workflow. Build times are blazing fast: our CI to deploy time is ~5m. Everyone uses a M1 Pro Macbook, and you have budget for other equipment should you need it.
Believing code isn’t everything: we value well written proposals, clear documentation, tests and commit messages and try to be kind to “future us”. We’re also pragmatic - sometimes we need to make tradeoffs here, and we trust each other to use our experience to make them wisely.
Highly collaborative: one of the benefits of a high trust team is we often work autonomously, but as a team we’re very collaborative by nature. Two heads are often better than one, and we frequently lean on each other to solve problems together.
Value serendipity: as a default, we aim to focus the majority of our effort on one objective at a time, but we’ve repeatedly seen great ideas strike at unlikely moments. Some of our best features exist because someone took a quick detour after an inspiring chat with a customer or colleague.
Getting in front of customers: everyone is in our community slack, and is encouraged to speak to customers and join in the conversations. Customers love it, and we think it makes us better at what we do!
Open and transparent by default: we’re all on the same team, and we share the highs and the lows together. The vast majority of our internal documents, meeting notes and documentation is open by default, and it’s a similar story in Slack, where we prefer public discussions wherever possible.

About you:
More than 3 years of experience working as a product engineer. We'll be accepting applications from individuals with less experience in future, but right now we need people who can hit the ground running.
Production experience working with either Go or React.
Enjoy speaking directly with customers and understanding their problems.
Care more about outcomes and impact than the exact implementation, or the tools used to solve the problem.
Want to help build a team, not just be part of it. You’re happy to take the extra time to explain things, provide actionable feedback, and level up those around you.
Prefer working collaboratively and are happy to regularly pair up with colleagues on problems and solve them together.
Comfortable when faced with a lot of ambiguity, both technically and organisationally. You’re happy to tackle problems without a clear definition or solution.
Enjoy owning problems end to end, from the early exploration of the problem through to releasing things to customers, and understand that often doesn’t involve writing code.
Share your work early, whether it’s a draft of a proposal, or the MVP of a customer facing feature. You’re happy putting something out there when it’s “70% done”.
Use technical debt as a tool. You care about resilience, tests and documentation, but understand there are times we need to ship quickly and make pragmatic tradeoffs.

How we build incident.io
We care far more about your mindset and your ability to solve problems than your familiarity with the tools and languages below, so please don’t let that put you off applying. However, we know enjoying the languages and tools you work with every day is important, and so wanted to share a little about what you can expect.
Our primary development stack is based on Go, Typescript with React, and Postgres, with a typed auto-generated client between the API to help us ship quickly. Most of us have a primary area of expertise, but we all work across the entire stack to some degree.
For infrastructure, we primarily use Heroku, but we leverage Google Cloud Platform heavily via BigQuery, PubSub, Cloud Storage, Stackdriver and more all, managed via Terraform.
We bias strongly to buying tools rather than building them, and invest heavily in a few vs having 20 ways to solve the same problems. We rely on Sentry for error reporting, Grafana + Prometheus for our metrics, dashboards and alerts, and Kibana for logging. We use CircleCI for automated testing and deployment.

Please mention that you found the job at Golangprojects.com

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Company: incident.io

job info / career page
Linkedin profile
Location: London, United Kingdom

map of company location

Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
go postgres react terraform typescript


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