Golang / Go Job: Senior Golang Microservices developer for modern cloud platform

Goget AB

Senior Golang Microservices developer for modern cloud platform at Goget AB

Remote › 🇪🇺 100% remote position (in European timezone)
  (Posted Mar 1 2022)

About the company
GOGET (Sweden) is a leading producer of meeting room booking systems and beyond. Our booking solutions can be used to manage, plan and analyze your workplace resources.

Job description
The workplace as we know it is about to transform. Who doesn’t love the hybrid way of working? GOGET’s mission is to help companies in their struggle to offer flexible work and at the same time adapting their physical workspace to the new normal. Our customers range from large international corporations to the little guy. We work hard to create solutions that help our users in their everyday challenges to manage their workspace and make people happy. Examples of what we do include digital tools to help plan and effectively execute on strategies for smart utilization of shared resources such as meeting rooms and desks. When it’s time to go to the office, GOGET is there to help build a great place to work!

The IT team is responsible for maintaining our existing product portfolio as well as making headway into a new era for us, the new Google Cloud based microservices platform. With the power of the cloud and our modern architecture we are developing new smart tools which help customers lessen their workload and brighten their day at the office.

As a Golang Cloud Developer at GOGET, you’ll join a small but cozy group of diverse international talent, who are creative and like to push code to the limit of what it can do in building the next generation of our cloud based software.

This is a unique opportunity to grow your technical skills by working with a modern tech stack based on Golang microservices running on Google Cloud Platform. If you’re passionate about coding we’d like to meet you.

Your daily responsibilities can range from the following:

* Together with the team further implement, optimize and maintain our backend software.
* Provide backend solutions to assist frontend functionalities.
* Transform product’s owner demands into technical requirements and solution design.
* Provide feedback to product owners about the progress of the development, having a customer centric mindset.
* Maintain and manage the databases on which the backend relies.
* Maintain and manage the GCP infrastructure that is the backbone of the backend.
* Implement a high level of security for the backend microservices and infrastructure.

You have the following:

* Experience in implementing and maintaining a backend microservice architecture and its cloud infrastructure.
* A person who is comfortable in taking ownership and solving problems, who loves to learn new skills and technologies and drive decisions on architecture and technology level.
* Good team player and capable of providing backend solutions to assist frontend functionalities.
* You should value organized and structured development practices, like Scrum and being aligned with the agile principles.
* You should be confident with task management tools like Jira, remote teams and online meetings.
* Doer - Love to code!

Best if you can bring:

Strong knowledge and experience of:
* Golang (3+ years)
* Design & implementation of Microservices
* Linux

Good knowledge of:
* Google Cloud basic services (CloudRun, VM, Storage, basic networking, IAM, Endpoints)
* Infrastructure as Code process’ (Terraform, Ansible)
* RESTful and gRPC APIs
* OAuth 2.0
* Pub/Sub and communication with IoT devices
* SQL (postgreSQL)
* GraphQL
* Docker

Nice to have:
* Knowledge of API/Integration of the platforms: Exchange EWS, GSuite calendar, Office 365 calendar/Graph API.

Job information
Full time (tillsvidareanställning). Remote work possible.


Company: Goget AB

Goget AB
job info / career page
Linkedin profile
Location: 🇪🇺 EU Remote, 100% Remote

Map of Europe

Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
golang microservices ansible docker gcp
go graphql grpc linux postgresql
sql terraform


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