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Sublime Security

Senior Software Engineer at Sublime Security

Remoteʉۼ 100% remote position (in the US)
  (Posted Apr 2 2021)

About the company
Our mission is to secure a key piece of the internet used by billions of humans every day. To do that, we're making email security programmable. The Sublime Platform allows anyone to write, run, and share custom email security rules for phishing defense and more.

Our users are security engineers and SOC managers at Fortune 500 companies, utilities, governments, and non-profits. We have significant early traction, including a waitlist of over 1,500 security professionals. The company raised an unannounced round led by Slow Ventures (early investors in Slack, Airtable, Gusto, Robinhood, Amplitude, and many more) with participation from an all-star cast of current and former founders.

The Sublime Platform is in early access, free to use, and entirely self-hostable, so that no sensitive email data leaves the organization's environment. We monetize with two paid offerings: Sublime Enterprise Platform, and Sublime Cloud Platform, as well as by offering implementation support for free Platform instances.

Sublime is fully distributed and all team members work in the United States.

$100,000 - $200,000

Job description
** Why Sublime **
Nation states, criminal organizations, and lone wolves are attempting to phish businesses and consumers 24/7/365. When they succeed it can be extraordinarily destructive, costing a single business $100M (1), disrupting coronavirus research (2), and even impacting a US presidential election (3). Email is the #1 attack vector, and last year phishing cost US businesses over $9B in *direct* financial losses.

Security professionals deserve superpowers that make them the heroes in this fight.

(1) https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/27/phishing-email-scam-stole-100-million-from-facebook-and-google.html
(2) https://fortune.com/2020/04/01/hackers-ransomware-hospitals-labs-coronavirus/
(3) https://apnews.com/dea73efc01594839957c3c9a6c962b8a/Inside-story:-How-Russians-hacked-the-Democrats'-emails

** What **
Sublime is working on making email security programmable.

Many companies have tried to solve phishing using big data and advanced ML. They've failed for the past 20 years. We're taking a different approach - we've created a DSL to enable security professionals, IT admins, and academic researchers to quickly develop new phishing detection rules. These new, community-built rules can be powered by arbitrary sets of ML models, 3rd party enrichment services, and custom functions. All backed by a GitHub-like system for version control that makes sharing and collaboration easy for the first time ever.

After a year of customer and product dev we've found a winning formula and have organizations using the platform and hundreds on our waitlist. We're ready to ramp up and have just raised a pre-seed to build out our team.

To see more rule examples and for a deeper dive into Sublime, check out our early access docs: https://docs.sublimesecurity.com or our website: https://sublimesecurity.com

** Role **
We're looking for a senior backend engineer with experience in Go.

Ideally, you have owned the technical roadmap for a business area or product, have delivered large-scale production systems in cloud-native environments, and have experience shipping high-quality code quickly and securely.

As a Software Engineer at Sublime, you will have an opportunity to:

- Own core system design, API design, and write code, serving as a role model for how great software should be written for Sublime as a whole
- Scope and own large technical projects with enormous short and long term impact on Sublime's users
- Scrutinize and reason clearly about the technology and architecture choices we make in building Sublime, and be responsible for critical decisions that fully consider software best practices, Sublime system realities, and numerous stakeholders’ preferences and concerns
- Build large-scale data processing solutions/pipelines using Big Data technologies
- Lay the groundwork for a truly exceptional engineering organization

** Stack **
Go, Postgres, Python, AWS, Docker, React, Redux

** Technical challenges **
We have a lot of tough technical challenges to solve. Here are just a few:

- Scale our micro-service ecosystem—companies get millions of emails a day, we have to process and analyze each one in a few hundred milliseconds
- Make isolated software deployments on any given cloud provider, including private clouds, leveraging IaC such as Terraform
- Run newly written phishing detection rules over millions of historical messages across a distributed infrastructure in seconds to identify threats and estimate likely effectiveness pre-activation
- Enable security professionals to share new rules securely and automatically either publicly, within private groups, or peer-to-peer, while keeping track of updates and forks to those rules
- Enable the Sublime community to rapidly adapt to fundamentally new attacker techniques that the system was not originally designed to detect
- Enable security professionals to deploy Sublime for free, without talking to us and without any data security risk, using technologies like containerization, orchestration, and IaC

** How we work **
- Optimized for flow: We endeavor to have as few scheduled meetings as possible. Right now, we have an all-hands on Mondays and that's it
- Autonomy, ownership, trust: You own your product and are responsible for its end to end delivery
- Principles-driven: We approach problems from first principles and document how we make important decisions
- Inclusive: We believe a diverse and inclusive team learns more, makes better decisions, and ultimately ships better products
- Collaborative: We work together to solve tough technical problems and make product decisions, then implement solutions independently in a high-trust environment

** Comp and benefits **
- We're a fully distributed team. Work from anywhere in the US
- Competitive salary and equity package that is the same regardless of where you live
- Top-tier health, dental, and vision for which we cover 99% of premiums
- New MacBook Pro and $5k new hire equipment budget for monitors, desk, chair, and whatever else you need to do the best work of your life
- We'll pay for the fastest internet available at your residence
- We'll buy any work-related books you ever need
- We'll provide $3k per year for you to attend (or speak at!) conferences, take classes, or otherwise further your education
- Unlimited paid time off, with a required 15 day minimum
- $10k bonus for referring another engineer (we'd love to hire a team of engineers that have worked together before and loved it)

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Company: Sublime Security

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