Golang / Go Job: Full Stack Developer - Advanced React Developer + Go


Full Stack Developer - Advanced React Developer + Go at Upwire

🇦🇺 Australia › Sydney   (Posted Feb 15 2021)

About the company
Our development team are changing the way business communicate and would love innovative developers to join our team.

Upwire is a cloud-based platform that enables users to build intelligent customer communication flows without the need for any code.

Upwire’s simple ‘drag-and-drop’ platform allows businesses to create smarter ways to communicate with customers from SMS, email and chat bots to IVRs with voice biometric authentication and more.

Do they allow remote work?
Remote work is possible, see the description below for more information.

$100,000 USD

Job description
Remote: US/Australia

We’re looking for a front-end heavy full-stack developer. The ideal candidate should consider themselves to be a front-end React “rock-star”.

**Front-end skills:**

* React experience is a must (Redux, Sagas and Dom Router experience desirable)
* Authentication/Authorization and knowledge of front-end security principals (JWT, roles e.t.c.).
* Design ability (HTML5, CSS, SCSS, SVG, flexbox, Drag-and-Drop e.t.c.) is a must, can you make beautiful apps?
* We use SVG a lot, so experience here is highly desirable though not required.
* Delivering modular, re-usable assets is a must.

**Back-end skills:**

* Object-oriented programming experience (i.e. Golang, NodeJS or Java) is a must.
* Experience with Golang is desirable.
* Restful API development experience (with full understanding of security principals) is a must.
* Cloud experience is desirable (Google Cloud for extra points).
* Experience with Docker and Kubernetes is desirable, or a passion to want to learn it.

**General skills required:**

* Able to write clean, re-usable and modular code (DRY).
* Knowledge of the software development lifecycle.
* Experience with GIT is a must.
* Must be able to work autonomously and well as part of a team.
* Positive “can-do” attitude is of absolute importance.
* Excellent time-management skills.
* Great interpersonal and communication skills.

Apply now!  

Company: Upwire

Linkedin profile
Location: Sydney, Australia

map of company location

Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
go react docker git golang html5 java kubernetes nodejs redux


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