Golang / Go Job: Senior Golang Backend & Cloud Developer


Senior Golang Backend & Cloud Developer at Orbisk

πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Netherlands β€Ί Utrecht
  (Posted Feb 8 2021)

About the company
At Orbisk we build a fully automated food waste monitor. Using artificial intelligence and data visualization we help the hospitality industry optimize their processes and reduce food waste.

EUR 50.000 - 80.000

Job description
At Orbisk we are using technology to help reduce food waste. Because of recent growth we are scaling up our operation and looking for a Senior Backend & Cloud Developer to expand our team. Will you join our group of highly driven and bright individuals to put your unique skills to use and make the world a better place?

Orbisk is on a mission to make the world’s food system more sustainable. We believe that we can make a significant positive global impact on one of today's biggest challenges: food waste. Worldwide about one-third of all food produced is wasted. Looking at The Netherlands, for the hospitality industry alone, this adds up to 150 million kilos yearly!

Our solution builds upon most recent developments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Providing our customers in hospitality with an easy and effortless way to measure the food waste in their kitchen. Using a smart camera connected to a scale, we track food waste on a level of detail not seen before. Connecting it to external and internal sources such as buying, stocking and sales data we are able to provide targeted insights to help optimize.

We use a modern stack, working with Golang, Python, JavaScript and technologies such as TensorFlow and PyTorch. We believe in automation and making our own lives as easy as possible. Such that we can focus on what is important. For this we rely on CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code using Terraform, serverless and cloud managed services using Google Cloud Platform, docker containers and Kubernetes.

About the position

* A senior role within a small and rapidly growing team;
* The company is roughly divided into the following teams: dev, AI, data, customer success, sales and marketing;
* Your role will be within the dev team, working on the core product and supporting the other teams;
* Involvement in strategic product development decisions.

Job requirements

The ideal Backend & Cloud Developer:

* Bachelor or Masters degree (ideally in or related to Computer Science);
* Enthusiastic, motivated and you come up with pragmatic solutions;
* You have strong experience with programming languages like Golang or Python;
* You have knowledge of and a proven track record in developing cloud-based architectures and a DevOps mindset;
* Located in the Netherlands is a must: Orbisk is located in Utrecht;
* Last but not least; you want to help us in the fight against food waste!

What we offer:

* A fresh and creative startup environment that stimulates and invests in your personal development;
* Flexible working hours with the option to work from home;
* A competitive salary;
* A close team with smart and enthusiastic colleagues who love to share their knowledge.


Company: Orbisk

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