Golang / Go Job: Senior Backend Engineer

MXC Foundation gGmbH

Senior Backend Engineer at MXC Foundation gGmbH

πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Germany β€Ί Berlin
  (Posted Jun 21 2019)

About the company
Setting the standard for Smart Cities and the Future of IoT

Job description
MXC is Unleashing a Massive IoT Global Data Network in 40+ Countries

Our IoT solutions provide a wide scope of essential data services, measuring everything from air-quality, water purity & even commuter traffic. Together with the MXProtocol we're not only delivering Smart Cities, we're improving lives!

Also we understand Data Hardware complexities. MXC has exclusive, fully functional, global hardware infrastructure partnerships in many countries.

We’re looking for developers with curious minds who like challenges, who would like to work with LPWAN, blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and the future of IoT and society. The ideal candidates will be responsible for developing high-quality applications.


Developing new prototypes and production applications using the latest technologies.

Customization of the solution based on individual clients' requirements.

Support of blockchain sharding/forking.

Designing and implementing testable and scalable code.

Write scalable, high volume services for LPWAN crypto infrastructure.

Working conditions

Modern office in the center of Berlin.

Everyday use of modern development tools/frameworks, high degrees of responsibility and autonomy.

Moreover we offer great opportunities for personal and professional growth and an attractive working environment in a dynamically growing LPWAN/blockchain sector.

Friendly and professional atmosphere in a team, we like to work together.

More than a month as a paid vacation every year.

We look forward to receiving your application! Please send your cover letter and CV (incl. photo) in English in MS Word or PDF format to the provided email address.

Skills & requirements
5+ years of professional experience in backend as Software Engineer/Developer.

Ability to quickly deliver clean robust code with just the right amount of abstraction.

Understanding of various distributed consensus methodologies (Mining, PoS, etc).

Good knowledge of Go/Golang (2+ years).

Some familiarity with distributed storage systems (IPFS) and Golem.

Experience in optimising computation-intensive solutions.

Basic Smart Contract knowledge is a plus.

In-depth understanding of major blockchains like Ethereum, IOTA, Stellar is an advantage.


Company: MXC Foundation gGmbH


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