Golang / Go Job: Senior Software Engineer Sought to join Skycoin Team!

Senior Software Engineer Sought to join Skycoin Team! at Skycoin

Remote, United States 🇺🇸   (Posted Jul 16 2018)
About the company
We are a revolutionary third generation Blockchain company, our technology easily surpasses that of Bitcoin and Ethereum delivering a far superior solution.

Job position
Permanent / Freelance - Remote work possible

Job description
This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced full stack Go developer to join an industry leading Block Chain company.

Stop working just to collect the paycheck, join the Skycoin team and help us create something revolutionary.

Skycoin is currently in test-net with the main-net expected to roll out in the following months.

At this time Skyminers are the main focus (an Orange Pi cluster using a custom Linux image).

Skyminers are the backbone of the Skycoin ecosystem and are currently being used as a decentralized VPN. Soon they will pair up with antenna forming a mesh network, eventually rendering the current internet obsolete... Sounds like a crazy vision right!

Interested in helping make it a reality?

Experienced in Go and working with Linux?

This position could be for you!

It's full time and will see you working with Linux building Orange Pi images.

There's already extensive documentation for this created, however, you'll be tasked with tweaking and improving this.

In this role you'll be working primarily with back-end developers, occasionally front-end.

Wage is negotiable and dependent on what you bring to the table.

You will not be disappointed!

Check out the website: https://www.skycoin.net/

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Don't miss out!

Skills & requirements
You will need to be able to:

- Diagnose Problems

- Report Software Specific Issues

- Provide Feedback on improvements / changes

- Configure Linux Systems / Networking Configuration

- Bonus points if you can port software onto Ubuntu Linux, OSX, and Windows. (Windows the least important)

Instructions how to apply
Application Instructions:
1) Join the Skycoin Telegram: https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@Skycoin
2) In telegram private message @tokenc (Steve, the lead Developer for Skycoin)
3) Tell him MacSkyver sent you (ASIA Marketing Team Leader)
4) Send through your application in plain txt format
5) Ask any questions you might have about the position
alternatively apply for the position by sending a plain text application to jobs@skycoin.net
Company website: Skycoin

Let them know you found the job via https://www.golangprojects.com
(Companies love to know recruiting strategies that work)

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