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Senior Go Engineer at Hatchify

East Coast of US, United States   (Posted Apr 5 2018)
About the company
Hatch is changing the way Sales works by using technology to text potential leads instead of cold calling them, and only reaching out to leads who have signed up for a product on sites like Reddit/Instagram/Facebook. Our tech helps Sales Reps send text messages, make calls, send/receive emails (wow did we learn a lot about the spam filter algorithm recently). It makes their lives better.

Job position
Permanent / Freelance - Remote work possible

Job description
Hatch is an exponentially growing startup that is profitable. We are in the market for our 2nd and 3rd engineering hires.

The big challenges for us right now are concurrency, sockets, data structures that scale/perform, and designing and building robust highly fault tolerant systems.

We are 90% remote company that has a mothership in Richmond, VA.
We all travel to the mothership once a month.

In the next 6 months we are building our first fully formed engineering team.
Within 12 we are planning to have a second team.

If you are looking to be an early engineer, working with other amazing engineers, and are super passionate about what you do, hit me up.

Skills & requirements
General Reqs:
- Fulltime
- MUST be in the US, East-Coast based
- Remote (monthly travel to Richmond, VA)
- Quick response times
- Invests in team Communication (very important for remote)
- Expert in tools of the trade Go/JS/Postgres
- Expert in highly performant processes, people, and tech
- Expert, and delighted in wearing multiple hats (tech debt, documentation, bugs, features, you think about the whole process)
*Able to listen to the people/data/etc and quickly solve problems cohesively
- Self

Technical Reqs:
- Four or more years writing Go in production software
- Fundamental understanding of SQL databases and PostgreSQL in particular
- Fundamental understanding of data structures and when to use one over another
- Experience with concurrent programming in Go
- Ability to ramp up quickly and own a piece of the codebase

Instructions how to apply
Please send a resume and a cover letter giving a brief overview of your professional/hobby experience to dmitry@dmitrypavluk.com
[ job website ]

Let them know you found the job via http://www.golangprojects.com
(Companies love to know what recruiting strategies that works)

Company: Hatchify

Linkedin profile
Location: East Coast of US, United States

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