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Golang software engineer at PathDNA

Dallas, Texas, United States   (Posted Mar 9 2018)

Job position
Permanent - Remote work possible

Job description
We are a team of Golang engineers who have been building projects exclusively in Go for 4 years now. Our systems handle over 500,000 txn's per second to deliver highly targeted ads/ communication messages on behalf of a wide range of clients. We are looking for a motivated remote (full time) engineer who is reliable and pushes out quality code. Specifically, we will start this team member off working on our white label dashboards and back-end stat APIs. We anticipate this engineer will absorb more responsibility over time and begin to open up new opportunities with our high-frequency data systems. This position comes with benefits if residing in the US + after our 30 day probation period. 

Skills & requirements
Our company only requires that your reliable, motivated, and enjoy working on Golang projects. Please send us relevant code examples via github links or other mediums. We will get back to you shortly. 

Instructions how to apply
Please send GitHub repos or equivalent portfolio work examples to nick@meteora.co (.co is intentional) in this listing. Please include "Meteora remote position 2323" in your submission so that we know you aren't copy and pasting or a spambot.
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Company: PathDNA

Location: Dallas, Texas, United States

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