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Frontend Developer Go at Cycloid.io

Paris, France   (Posted Nov 14 2017)
About the company
At Cycloid.io we allow developers to deliver better quality products, faster, at scale by providing a continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment container pipeline as a service. Because we know that DevOps could be more than Container As A Service, we also provide DevOps Services on AWS with Design / Audit/ Build / AWS Managed Services on critical applications, so that organisations can focus on business-critical tasks. Our goal is to simplify the life of developers who have some unbelievable challenges ahead. Our team works on two connected activities: - we develop cycloid.io: a DevOps dashboard integrating a continuous integration, continuous delivery container pipeline - we provide services on AWS as your DevOps team: Design / Audit / Build / Migrate / Managed Services Our people at Cycloid.io value empowerment, expertise, curiosity, autonomy and kindness We want Cycloid.io to provide a positive working environment that allows each and everyone to contribute in their best way to the company’s development. We are fully self-funded, which we are quite proud of. Benefits Salary: depends on your location, skills and experience Holidays: 25 days per calendar year + national holidays. Benefit from a truly flexible working environment in which remote working and managing your own working time is the norm - in brief: you can work from whatever location you want Join a team of 12 people that are truly dedicated and enjoy their work. We live up to our values!

Job position
Permanent / Freelance - Remote work possible

Job description
Contribute to develop and improve our CI / CD pipeline Cycloid.io
We’re looking for someone eager to contribute to new features and improve existing ones.
We split the work between Front- and Backend depending on our needs and progression. This way we share the knowledge, keep learning and don’t get into a routine.
We are encouraging women to candidate, as we aim to increase mixity in our teams and our company.
Solve problems and find solutions to unexpected problems in a proactive manner
You have at least 2-3 years of experience building similar distributed systems with a focus on writing high quality maintainable code
Previous knowledge of Go and optionally C++/rust/python...
Solid fundamentals in algorithms and distributed systems
Experience working on large projects and building production systems
Good understanding of monitoring & performance analysis
Business fluent in spoken and written English

Skills & requirements
Experience: you are a passionate software engineer with at least 3 years of experience crafting software. At least one year of experience in web frontend development and with a sound understanding of the architecture of cloud ready web applications, Javascript and DOM API. Our current development is with VueJS but if you understand the web and have experience, it should be easy for you to master this language within a few weeks.

Pragmatic: a problem solver excited by the prospect of working autonomously solve problems and solutions to the team
Fast learner: We’re looking for software engineers who thrive on applying their knowledge, learning new technologies. Our stack is diverse and we expect it to continue to grow
Testing: Experience using testing frameworks and adoption of test driven development where applicable. We are looking for someone who can build new features for our CI/CD pipeline cycloid.io and would contribute fresh ideas and improvements.
Team player: We expect you to be a good team player, able to handle constructive criticism, be humble to learn from others but also capable of contributing to our technical discussions
Communication: We use tools such as Slack throughout the day to communicate, however we believe also in face to face conversation (hangout) to discuss and solve problems. You must be proficient in spoken and written English, be eager to collaborate and exchange in a constructive manner with the whole team
Open source: We prefer developers who have contributed back to the open source community, even if those contributions are small

Miscellaneous: We organize a full week workshop every 3 months somewhere in Europe, so you must be ready to travel and also have the required passport to travel to Europe without complicated visa procedures.

Instructions how to apply
Please send us your CV or a LinkedIn profile to contact@cycloid.io so that we can learn a little about who you are. If you have relevant public open source contributions, this is a plus: we are specifically looking for people contributing to open source projects.
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Company: Cycloid.io

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Location: Paris, France

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