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CTO at CVING srl

Milano, Italy 🇮🇹   (Posted Oct 11 2017)
About the company
CVING brings people to talents and talents to organizations, in order to compete in the most competitive market ever. CVING is an on-demand interview platform based on its innovative "Pending-Interview"​ process. It allows companies to screen profiles in the most efficient way.

Candidates receive the request to be interviewed on-demand in a professional format through the smartphone. Automated steps take care to key-competence checking.

Job position
Permanent / Freelance - Remote work is NOT possible
Relocation compensation available

Job description
Cving has invited you to register a pending interview for the Job position of backend programmer for CVING.

We are looking for a GOLAN programmer or alternatively Python or Ruby with management skills, whos able to develop and manage the processes of the team to meet deadlines. The candidate must be able to work under pressure and in exchange we offer an appealing package of benefits that includes food and accomodation with the possibility to become our CTO.

The primary company's structure has been completed, and the initial role of the candidate include 2 months of training with the current CTO, while debugging and developing new features.

CVING is a fast growing company composed of grown young talents coming from different background who have made themself. In only 1 year they have taken it from a small space located in a remote town to the current office based in Milan at the Ex Pirelli operational site.

CVING is the recruitment platform that enables the recruiter to perform video-interviews on demand. Today the software is at the Beta's stage and it is used to recruit talents.

We kindly invite you to provide feedback in the eventuality of malfunctions of the platform or simply to request assistance.

Skills & requirements
Golang, Microservices Cloud Server

Instructions how to apply
Send an email to this account, and you will automatically receive the instructions for the interview.

Company website: CVING srl

Let them know you found the job via https://www.golangprojects.com
(Companies love to know recruiting strategies that works)

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