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Software Engineer at Jodel

Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪   (Posted Sep 1 2017)
About the company
Come build the community around you!

We created Jodel to let you instantly connect, share, and engage with the community around you. We’ve built thriving local communities across Europe and continue to expand globally. With over 1 million happy users creating more than 6 million posts per day, we are thrilled to have one of the industry's highest retention rates. We've attracted respected and well-known investors such as Christophe Maire, Adam d’Angelo, and the Floodgate Fund, and even been the subject of several academic papers.

Job position
Permanent - Remote work is NOT possible

Job description
Join Jodel and help us build the community around you! We're located in Berlin and want your help to build the next generation of our backend Golang!

We’re now growing our Engineering team around a culture of sustainability and empowerment. We’re dealing with dynamics such as being local and signup-lean, which give us new problems to solve, and we’re literally breaking new ground in the Social Network space. Data-driven by default, with a bias for quality and code sustainability, and fostering a solid DevOps and Automated Testing culture, Jodel’s Engineering team is the place to be if you’re looking for unique challenges!

## What attitude are we looking for?

- You’re naturally motivated and proud of doing great work;

- Numbers and data are the best way to drive your decisions;

- You have a strong personality, sense of ownership and responsibility;

- You put people and human interactions above processes and rules;

- You understand the value of “measure twice - cut once” and you work by this mantra;

- You own your successes and your failures, and constantly seek to improve;

- You keep your mind on the product we’re building, and are permanently aware of how each small action influences its success;

Skills & requirements
## What do we value in our Engineering team?

- Your studies were in Computer Science, Mathematics or Engineering;

- You’re a problem solver, and you’re eager to experiment and learn new things;

- You write code optimising for clarity and readability;

- You value testing very highly;

- You write software aiming at reducing the cost of change;

- You enjoy pair programming and code reviews, and see your job as a collaborative effort rather than solitary work;

- Engineering work is mostly about compromises and so you’re always open to discuss different approaches to problems;

- You’re happy to collaborate with your community and industry, either in open source projects or presenting at meetups and conferences;

## Since you’ll be working in the backend team…

- You have experience with Node.js as an actual backend Engineer, and you’re ready to bring Golang to our team;

- You want to work in large-scale Distributed Systems;

- You have experience with MongoDB, beyond “I have played with it in the past”;

- You have a bias to automate things when possible;

- You’re ready to embrace a DevOps culture, because an Engineer’s work doesn’t end after we ‘git push’;

- You’re ready to work with Linux, AWS, Git, Docker and a growing infrastructure;

Instructions how to apply
Send an email to luis@jodel.com with the subject “You got me interested -- I want to help build Jodel!!!”. We'll follow up with the next steps over email. Alternatively, you can also head to https://bit.ly/jodel_backend and follow the instructions at the end of the page.
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