Golang / Go Job: Senior Software Engineer

Apcera, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer at Apcera, Inc.

San Francisco, California, United States 🇺🇸   (Posted Feb 28 2014)
About the company
Apcera is revolutionizing enterprise technology. Continuum by Apcera is an innovative platform that empowers enterprises to transparently and securely control the allocation and consumption of IT resources. Built in Golang from the ground up, Continuum brings real-world reliability to workloads, giving IT the control and visibility it needs to deliver much faster. Because Continuum is a managed service, we provide technology as well as the services around it to ensure customer success. It's an ambitious, exciting, and unique position that we covet. We’re proud to provide smooth deployments and successful delivery to customers that are some of the biggest, most influential companies in the world.

Job position

Job description
At Apcera, we don’t shy away from solving hard problems, while being mindful to avoid “not invented here” syndrome. We write most of our code in Go, but we strive to choose the best tool for each job. We dip into C and other languages from time to time. Our team of veterans includes alumni of Google, Twitter, Square, Microsoft, VMware and TIBCO.

We wanted best-of-breed HTTP routing, so we implemented dynamic configuration directly into NGINX in C allowing routing updates—without dropping connections

Our components communicate using gnatsd, our Go implementation of NATS, a high-performance distributed pub-sub messaging server with a serious pedigree

We love open source, and we use Github to collaborate and host our code (both public and private). For example:

In January 2013, we co-sponsored the development of WebSocket support in NGINX

In October 2013, we open-sourced gnatsd

Come talk with us to find out what other challenging technical problems we're solving. We would love your help to get better, faster.

Skills & requirements
We want to work with people who:

Take pride in their code and appreciate feedback, discussion, and iteration

Value testing and know that 100% coverage is not the goal

Get a warm and fuzzy feeling from Postel’s Law

Write code in several languages, and have switched their main language at least once in their career

Can describe the difference between concurrency and parallelism

Like to both learn from and mentor their colleagues

Have experience running a large service

Instructions how to apply
see the job site
[ job website ]

Let them know you found the job via https://www.golangprojects.com
(Companies love to know what recruiting strategies that works)

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