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Green IT Globe

Junior / Senior Go(lang) Prototyping Geek at Green IT Globe

Gent, Belgium 🇧🇪   (Posted Feb 3 2017)
About the company
GiG.Tech is the world market leader in innovative Edge Computing Technology.

With our partners, we are building out a network of G8 Cloud Nodes that form he world’s first green, private, secure, local, performant public cloud. In fact, we are creating the next generation internet in which privacy is a human right, security is the new normal and cloud is a local utility for all humans just like energy and water !

Job position
Permanent / Freelance

Job description
We are looking for passionate individuals that are energized by a constant quest to innovate and integrate cool stuff (such as blockchain) into our G8 technology.

GiG is a fast moving organisation that has the big and audacious goal to bring IT as Energy capacity to the world.

You will be part of our team of "über"-nerds and geeks who think of new technology to integrate on our Edge grids, then prototype it (in Go) before handing it over to the engineering team.

Skills & requirements
Experience with Golang, out-of-the-box thinking, self-starting, able to (very) deep-dive into new and existing technology and ICT concepts.

Instructions how to apply
Send me a message to recruiter@greenitglobe.com including and link to your LI profile or a cv.
[ job website ]

Let them know you found the job via https://www.golangprojects.com
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Company: Green IT Globe

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