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Golang Engineer - Backend distributed systems at Tetrate

Remote β€Ί Worldwide, 100% remote position
  (Posted Nov 3 2020)

About the company
We have members in Indonesia, India, Japan, China, U.S., Canada, the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain and expanding.


Job description
Join a team of world-class engineers at a well-funded Silicon Valley startup. Seeking backend software engineers experienced in building distributed systems using Golang and gRPC. We are building a secure, and highly available service mesh platform for mission critical enterprise applications for Fortune 500 companies, spanning both the legacy and modern infrastructure. Should possess strong fundamentals in distributed systems and networking. Familiarity with technologies like Kubernetes, Istio, and Envoy, as well as open contributions would be a plus.

We are one of the top three contributors to Envoy and Istio.

We are working on the next generation of networking services using Istio, Envoy and a few of the open projects to redefine authorization and security space. We're founded by ex Google and Twitter platform team building the next generation of cloud native network service. Our CEO, Varun, was the initial founder of Istio and gRPC back in Google. Prior to starting Tetrate, our CTO helped build the cloud infrastructure team at Twitter and worked on security related infrastructure and hybrid infrastructure for easing cloud migration.

Positions are virtual with access to offices in: SF Bay Area, Boston, Bandung/Tangerang, Indonesia and Barcelona, Spain.

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Company: Tetrate


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