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Software Engineer at Intel

Moirans, France 🇫🇷   (Posted Mar 4 2016)
About the company
• Depuis sa création en 1968, la société Intel s’est hissée au rang de plus grand constructeur mondial de puces informatiques (sur la base de ses recettes). Elle emploie près de 80 000 personnes dans plus de cinquante pays.


• Ses produits et technologies sont au cœur de solutions informatiques devenues un rouage essentiel des entreprises, des activités des particuliers et des établissements scolaires et universitaires dans le monde. Ils servent à résoudre certains des problèmes les plus complexes, dans des domaines comme l’éducation, la santé, le développement économique et l’écologie durable. Parmi ces produits figurent des microprocesseurs, des jeux de composants (chipsets) et d’autres puces qui font partie intégrante des micro-ordinateurs, serveurs, notebooks et netbooks ainsi que de produits d’électronique grand public (téléphones mobiles, etc.) et d’informatique embarquée (industrie automobile, caisses automatiques, DAB, etc.)

Job position

Job description
Our team is developing a collaborative web application that assists Electronic Designer teams in reducing the power-consumption of their System on Chip. Reducing power consumption is critical for all new devices (mobile, wearables, IOT - Internet Of Things), and is also becoming critical for any device in the electronic industry.

Our product is young and evolving very quickly, and is gaining lot of users inside and outside Intel.

As a Software Engineer you will gradually become a full stack developer, from debugging, programming, designing and understanding requirements. You will be working in a creative agile team using modern tools and technologies.

On a daily base, you will work on a Linux or Windows laptop, on your favourite text editor and shell. You will collaborate with our Application Engineers to understand user needs, and define a good UX. Then, it’s time to convert ideas into code, mainly Go, but sometimes js, and to communicate out these amazing new features !

Skills & requirements
Master's or PhD in Computer Science or related engineering field

* English & French Languages required

* Written communication skills

* Proficiency in: Golang, js, Less, git, linux, SQL/Postgres, Redis

* 3+ years of experience or equivalent with Servers

* Experience with Electronic Design

Instructions how to apply
Submit CV online at http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/jobs/job-search/js2.html?job=792357&src= OTH-10103
[ job website ]

Let them know you found the job via https://www.golangprojects.com
(Companies love to know recruiting strategies that works)

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