Golang / Go Job: Golang, C++ - Amsterdam-based

Golang, C++ - Amsterdam-based at Qlickr BV

Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱   (Posted Feb 22 2016)
About the company
"We love real human interaction. That's why we built an app to help people meet face to face instantly." - Brian, CEO


Ohello helps people online to spontaneously meet offline. We do this by showing you a bunch of people in the neighbourhood that are up for drinks right now. Just pick the ones you like, press 'go' and the first to respond will be waiting for you in 45 minutes at a bar or coffee place nearby, selected automatically by our app based on your current location. It's never further than 1,5 km away.

We're all about giving a stranger a chance - forget about your checklist and let the person in front of you surprise you. It's not a date. No endless chatting, no tension build-up and most importantly: no expectations. Just a quick hello. Nothing more, nothing less.

Where we stand

This concept has been picking up rapidly: our official launch was Thursday 11 February, and we've been featuring in the iOS top 10 ever since. Growing by many thousands of users weekly in Amsterdam alone and set to launch in Europe and the US within weeks, we need to expand our team asap.


We're a young start-up. Our average day is probably much more chaotic than you're used to. We try to structure things but with an exploding user-base like we're experiencing right now, this is proving quite difficult. Priorities change frequently and ad-hoc problems arise constantly. You'll need to be a strong planner and multi-tasker in order to survive here, but if you can do that you'll have the most vibrant environment and exciting product to make your own.


The company's founders, Brian de Hond and Daniel Malkin, have been friends for 20 years. And we're proud to say that everyone else in our office have become our friends too. Of course the primary focus is to work, cause there's more than plenty to do. But we value a pleasant working atmosphere and make a point of helping everyone feel at ease as quickly as possible.

Job position
Permanent - Remote work possible

Job description
Apart from a very competitive salary bla bla bla bla. Everybody has a great salary these days. Whooptidoo. So will you. We will offer you our baby. Our precious baby. To help us raise it. Perfect it. Continue its development and who knows, we may end up with a completely different product than we started with 6 months ago. This is the essence of what we have to offer you: to contribute to a highly popular, rapidly expanding product that has the potential to reach billions of people and is set to go international within weeks.

Skills & requirements
Our backend speaks Golang so if you're an expert, fantastic. If not, don't worry. Your quick mind and sound knowledge of C++ will get you through the basics in a day and with the help of our expert technical team, you'll be up to speed in no-time. It helps if you know about distributed systems, embedded and multiprocessing.

Instructions how to apply
Pop us an email. Drop us a line. Send over whatever makes sense to you. We are looking to hire 3-5 developers asap so rest assured we will get back to you before you know it. We have an elaborate application procedure to determine whether you're cut out for this. Elaborate but quick - we have no time to waste.
Company website: Qlickr BV

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Company: Qlickr BV

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