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Backend Software Engineer at Irias

Zwolle, Netherlands 🇳🇱   (Posted Feb 8 2016)
About the company
Irias develops GeoICT software: software that a spatial/geographic component. We gather (geographic) data, process it, and provide tools to users for analysis of that data. We do short projects (weeks to several months), and we have products that we keep improving. We are currently three experienced software engineers (with university computer science degrees). We use open source software where possible, but not exclusively.

Job position
Permanent - Remote work is NOT possible

Job description
We are looking for a full-time backend software developer working with geospatial data. Gathering, analyzing and presenting such information to the user. You'll be working both on shorter projects (weeks to several months), and on adding functionality to existing products. As a backend developer you will be responsible for managing the data (e.g. in PostgreSQL/PostGIS) and making the data available through web/REST API's implemented in Go. You will have responsibilities in all parts of the development proces: requirement analysis, design, implementation, testing, deploying, keeping it running. You'll be part of a team of experienced software engineers (i.e. us, the founders) so there is plenty to learn!

Skills & requirements
We are looking for someone with this profile:

- Experience with programming (we're keen to see what you've made!)

- Smart, curious, eager to learn and improve.

- Affinity with open source software and the hacker mindset.

- Experience with Geo/GIS tools is not required, but it greatly helps if you are interested in this topic.

Instructions how to apply
Please send an e-mail to m.lukkien@irias.nl with your questions about this position. You are very welcome to visit us at our office in Zwolle for a further informal mutual introduction. Or if you've already realized you want this job, please send a resume and motivation to m.lukkien@irias.nl. Thanks!
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Company: Irias

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