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Software Developer at Thermeon

UK, United Kingdom   (Posted Feb 3 2016)

Job position
Permanent / Freelance - Remote work possible

Job description
Thermeon are looking for software developers to join our UK team. This role is ideally suited to junior and mid-level developers, with a couple of years experience under their belts.

Thermeon’s technical team has a specific culture. The entire team works remotely. We want our developers to be happy, and working on things they enjoy, in order to be as productive as possible. We track down and remove sources of pain in the way of that, so you can get on with doing what you want. We’re highly connected via IRC and google hangouts, and work together to deliver solutions. We have daily team meetings, and encourage a team mindset, instead of a hierarchy.

There’s no single mold we’re looking for, but here’s a few indications that you’ll fit in well with us:
* You’ve been creating things using computers for a long time
* You reach for technology to solve everyday problems
* You’re familiar with your environment. It isn’t something you use, it’s something you own.
* You like talking to communities about technologies. Probably in IRC, slack, gitter or similar
* You’ve probably tried more email clients than cereals
* You’re deliberate about the workflows you use, and you internalise them as a concept
* You know what technologies are interesting right now, and which ones have grown into maturity. That might be libraries, or technical stacks, but you’ve got your finger on a pulse
* You’ve contributed to FOSS somehow.

This advert isn’t about what the role will be doing. If you fit in with the culture, then you’ll add value by doing whatever you’re good at and enjoy.

Here’s the stack we’re currently interested in:
* Golang, ruby, perl
* Docker, terraform, mesos, marathon, haproxy
* cassandra, redis, elasticsearch, kibana, logstash, grafana
* github, circleci, coveralls
* backbone, grunt, extjs

Ideally you should have experience working remotely, but it’s not essential. It’s certainly a skill, and if you haven’t done it before, there’s a risk it might not be right for you. You must have a suitable stable environment free of distractions.

Salary is negotiable.

Skills & requirements
Here’s what we look for. The more you meet, the better. You should:
* Be very proficient in linux, zsh/bash/similar, ssh, tmux/screen/similar, vim/emacs/similar
* Be proficient in at least two programming languages and eager to learn more
* Know git. No, Not just source control. If you don’t know git, you’ve dodged too much FOSS
* Have heard of docker
* Understand web services and web servers
* Know of TDD and CI
* Know of agile practices, scrum and preferably kanban too
* Know about several databases. Relational and NoSQL preferably
* Know the basics of computer networking
* Have a few years of commercial experience as a developer
* Have found our website. That’s why we haven’t told you about the company.

These are about your character, not about your knowledge.

Instructions how to apply
Email gbjk@thermeon.com
[ job website ]

Let them know you found the job via http://www.golangprojects.com
(Companies love to know what recruiting strategies that works)

Company: Thermeon

Location: UK, United Kingdom

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