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Eventful.com/ CBS Local

Backend Engineer at Eventful.com/ CBS Local

San Diego, California, United States   (Posted Aug 25 2015)

Job position

Job description
Design and implement performant, scalable, and distributed web services and backends in a variety of languages best suited for the problem space. Own parts of the system and continuously work to improve them in an agile environment. Benchmarking and load testing.

We are tirelessly trying to improve how people consume news and entertainment and the subsystems used to make that happen. Everything from Recommendations, Content Search, Email, Notifications, and much more.

Skills & requirements
BS/MS in Computer Science or related degree, or equivalent experience. 10+ years of professional software development experience. Knowledge of Vim / Emacs, Git, Docker, Python, Golang, Perl, Linux, RabbitMQ, NoSQL/Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Redis and other large data processing systems Enthusiasm Must be comfortable in a complex distributed system architecture and understand issues at scale. Must be a self-starter that digs for solutions for no other reason other than the challenge of the task at hand. Ability to work with other team members, ask questions, form your own opinions, teach, learn and most importantly, get things done.

Instructions how to apply
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Company: Eventful.com/ CBS Local

Eventful.com/ CBS Local
Location: San Diego, California, United States

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