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Aeris Secure LLC

Software Engineer at Aeris Secure LLC

Phoenix, Arizona, United States   (Posted Apr 24 2015)
About the company
We are an information security company offering security managed services, audit, and consulting services.

Job position
Freelance - Remote work possible

Job description
I am looking to incorporate Windows Event Logs into an application that we are building and need the code written to tie into the Windows Event Log API and process events as they arrive.

The project requires the developer to implement the following API calls:

- EvtSubscribe - subscribe to an event channel
- EvtCreateBookmark - create a bookmark to identify the last log processed
- EvtUpdateBookmark - update the bookmark to identify the last log processed

The application that is developed only needs to be a standalone application written in Go (golang) that can do the following:

- retrieve event logs in xml format
- store a bookmark for the last processed event
- use a stored bookmark to resume processing events at the specified bookmark
- convert event xml into key-value pairs stored in a golang map

This program should be written entirely in Go and should not include any additional DLLs. Other windows APIs available for Go can be reviewed to see how this is done.

The project deliverable is a functioning program with all available source code. No additional libraries should be used beyond what is available in the Go standard library without consulting me.

This is really only a piece of the functionality that we need and we are using the project to vet an engineer for continued work. You do not need to be an expert in Go to apply for this project. If you think you have the skills to complete this project, please apply.

Skills & requirements
Windows API experience (or willingness to learn), Go

Instructions how to apply
Please include a brief description of your Go and Windows API experience, how many hours you estimate the project will take, and your hourly rate. Send this information to the email address listed on the contact page of our website.
Company website: Aeris Secure LLC

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Company: Aeris Secure LLC

Aeris Secure LLC
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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