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Go Teaching Assitant at gSchool (powered by Galvanize)

Denver, Colorado, United States   (Posted Oct 3 2014)
About the company
gSchool is disrupting the modern education space by providing immersive developer training programs. Our programs are designed to change peoples lives and career paths. We currently have 3 campuses, Denver, Boulder, and San Francisco, with two more opening in 2015.

Job position
Permanent - Remote work is NOT possible

Job description
You will be assisting in teaching immersive Go programming. Some of your responsibilities will include:

Repetitious group exercises
Story acceptance for assessments
Assessment scoring
Participation metrics
Attendance metrics
Maintenance of course material - working with tools to put together lesson plans for next week
Scheduling, Calendar
Vetting assignments
Interview prep and mock interviews
Give practice assessments
Choosing exercises for lessons
3rd party tool management: github, heroku, trello etc
One-on-one/ some level of coaching
Application Interviews

Skills & requirements
Experience with modern social programming concepts, open source development, micro services development, etc. Having written any production Go code is a must!

Instructions how to apply
Please send resume or experience to cory@galvanize.it
Company website: gSchool (powered by Galvanize)

Let them know you found the job via http://www.golangprojects.com
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Company: gSchool (powered by Galvanize)

gSchool (powered by Galvanize)
Location: Denver, Colorado, United States

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