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DevOps Engineer at Mendix

Rotterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱   (Posted May 28 2014)
About the company
Mendix was founded in 2005, and has been changing the world of developing and delivering business applications ever since. Mendix combines an innovative model driven development platform with an agile project approach, to enable business analysts to play an active role in developing new business applications. In addition, Mendix allows them to respond to a changing environment by empowering flexible continuous delivery of these applications. Software is built using visual models in a graphic interface. These models are interpreted and deployed as working applications by the Mendix Platform-as-a-Service.

Taking a new app into production is quick and easy; you simply upload a new visual model to the Mendix cloud environment, where it is then deployed as operational software. This one-click deployment method allows business analysts to not only participate in the development cycle of business applications, but also to play a role in the deployment and maintenance of their software.

Mendix is a fast-growing, energetic and ambitious company with offices in Rotterdam, the US, the UK and South-Africa. Our client base is worldwide and includes some impressive names. In our short existence, Mendix has won several innovation awards, including the Gartner Cool Vendor title (2009) and our CEO being named Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year (2012).

Job position

Job description
Mendix is looking for a DevOps engineer for the product development team in Rotterdam. In this role you will be working on the scalability and reliability of our runtime (the interpreter of the models that describe an app) as well as the PaaS layer that runs on top of any infrastructure.

What We Love To Do:

Have huge fights about which tiling window manager is the best.

Fix heartbleed within 2 hours of disclosure.

Fixing things properly.

Figure out ways to be more paranoid.

What Mendix Claims To Pay Us To Do:

Keep a couple thousand servers up & running.

Keep stuff safe.

Full stack development: creating VMs on hardware all the way up to designing front-facing logic for our deployment portal.

Why We’re Unique:

How often do you get to work on a PaaS of this size?

How many companies have the option of changing the interpreter of the app they’re hosting?

We do it all: own hardware, rented IaaS, every type of service you can imagine, off the shelf, rented, roll your own. We pick the best option for each problem.

You will become part of a team of world-class experts who enthusiastically build cutting-edge software. We foster a culture of innovation with plenty of room for self-development.

Skills & requirements
What We’d Like To Get From You:

Good coding skills, preferably in scripting languages (ruby, python etc) *AND* strongly typed languages (java, C, go etc).

Experience in systems administration, preferably with a lot of configuration-as-code systems.

A deep understanding of distributed systems and their specific failure modes.

A good understanding of IaaS and PaaS providers and what it means to write software for “the cloud”, i.e. “cloud-native” software.

Knowledge of git, command line, linux utilities and linux internals.

Instructions how to apply
see the job website
[ job website ]

Let them know you found the job via https://www.golangprojects.com
(Companies love to know recruiting strategies that works)

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