Golang / Go Job: Go Engineer (Remote)

Flourish Software

Go Engineer (Remote) at Flourish Software

Remote › 100% remote position (in the Americas timezones)
  (Posted Aug 23 2023)

75 - 110K USD

Job description
About Us
Flourish Software is a leading cannabis supply chain and retail software company. We are working to build the supply chain of the future to enable and empower the cannabis industry through better technology.

How do we work?
At Flourish, we believe in putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. You'll concentrate on enhancing their experience by utilizing advanced MySQL, scripting, and engineering methodologies. Your approach will be characterized by meticulous attention to detail, superior problem-solving ability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Our collaborative environment emphasizes outstanding written communication, agile task management, and self-guided prioritization. You'll find yourself at the forefront of customer service, where we count on you to be our first line of defense. We’re committed to providing you the support and focused development time necessary to devise robust and enduring solutions. Join us, and take pride in knowing that your work truly makes a difference to our customers.

What do we value?
• Honesty, integrity, and self-driven motivation
• Clean, readable code and well-thought-out solutions
• Thorough planning prior to execution
• Teamwork and communication
• Happiness and satisfaction in your work

Job Description
Join Flourish as a remote Go Engineer and become a part of our dynamic scrum team, where you'll play a crucial role in shaping customer-driven development. As the frontline of our software engineering efforts, you'll collaborate intimately with our services and support teams to craft solutions that address real-world issues faced by our clients. Your expertise will contribute directly to mission-critical projects that enable seamless supply chain and retail operations for the top cannabis, CBD, and hemp businesses across North America. With Flourish, you're not just coding; you're innovating and making a lasting impact on an industry in need of technological advancement.

What skills do I need?
• 2+ years professional software engineering experience
• 2+ years of Go engineering experience or demonstrable equivalent project(s)
• 2+ years SQL experience
• Availability to work in US time zones
• Excellent communicator

Nice to Have Experience
• Experience working with customers
• Experience working with support or services teams
• Scripting
• Tooling
• Atlassian tools
• Scrum
• Looker

• Health, dental, and vision
• 100% covered accidental death, disability, and life insurance
• SIMPLE IRA matching
• Emphasis on work-life balance
• Remote-first company (even pre-pandemic)
• Unlimited PTO (with approval)
• Opportunity to work on foundational software of a growing and fast-paced, innovative industry

Salary Range
75 - 110K depending on experience

A note to candidates:
Studies have shown that women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community, are less likely to apply for jobs unless they believe they meet every single one of the qualifications as described in a job description. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive company and we are most interested in finding the BEST candidate for the job. That candidate may be one who comes from a less traditional background, and that’s okay. We would strongly encourage you to apply, even if you don't believe you meet every one of the qualifications described.


Company: Flourish Software

Flourish Software
job info / career page
Linkedin profile
Fully remote in the Americas timezones

Map of the Americas

Skills wanted, in addition to Golang:
go mysql sql


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